Can Online Resume Samples Propel Your Job Search Toward Success?

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Whether looking for a new job or simply updating your job tools amid the pandemic today, resume writing has never been more needed. As opportunities become fewer and the competition gets tougher, it is a vital step to write a great resume to arm you in your search. This explains why resume firms offer free samples for job hopefuls looking for free online resources, whether templates or a resume builder. In fact, to help job seekers land that target job resume examples have become their go-to option.

Online Resume Samples: Reference, and Not Exact Copy

A key takeaway is in order: No two resumes are the same. What does this mean? Think of resumes as fingerprints—each is unique in its own way. Thus, it is important not to derive too much from the samples lest you end up with a resume that’s a facsimile of your online source. Take note that the main job of resume examples is to simply recommend skills and job duties you can include on your copy.

The operative term when it comes to checking resume samples online is ‘inspiration’. They answer questions like, “What is a hiring manager looking for in a human resources resume?” Or “What resume format should I use?” Indeed, samples should merely serve as reference—and not a carbon copy—when you’re writing a resume. This is easier said than done, and some applicants actually fall prey to copying and pasting chunks of texts from resume sites to their own job tools.

Therefore, you need to consider a few variables before basing on the samples online. First, assess your skills and experience level. Will using the sample give justice to your actual credentials? Another thing to consider is the nature of the job post. Does it require you to submit a resume or CV? Is the length just right? Is your format correct, or will you need a new layout? Again, at the end of the day, samples should only serve as your references.

Resume Template Samples You Can Use

Now that we’ve got it out of the way, we have compiled a few samples to get you started. Check them out below.

Sample #1

Food and Beverage (F&B) Operations Manager, 2016–Present
Assistant Manager, 2012–2016 

      • Work closely with staff in observing operation’s standards to achieve set goals.
      • Spearhead efforts in enforcing tasks and duties for the entire F&B Department.
      • Establish key schedules in alignment with the union contract details.
      • Initiate the execution of effective control of food, beverage, and labor costs among all departments.
      • Preside over all special events occurring in the club, including banquets, weddings, parties, and meetings.
      • Positioned the club toward sustainable growth as reflected in 10% to 20% annual profit growth from 2017 to 2019.

Sample #2

Senior Product Marketing Manager, 2014–Present  

      • Supervise a 12-person team as the interim director of marketing in charge of lead generation, content development, product marketing, web presence, and public relations duties.
      • Monitor and analyze overall marketing performance against company goals and go-to-market strategy initiatives.
      • Develop a wide range of campaigns aimed to increase demand generation and market awareness, which involve supporting inside, field, and channel sales models globally.
      • Spearhead product marketing efforts to integrate and differentiate the company’s offerings.
      • Facilitate onsite presentations to top clients and prospects on product launches and expansion opportunities.

Sample #3

IT Specialist, 2007–Present 

      • Handle the migration from Hosted Exchange to Office 365, including SharePoint online as well as the use of Smart sheet for project management.
      • Effectively execute Salesforce to replace existing in-house customer relationship management (CRM).
      • Plan and implement monthly email security awareness program and periodic security training webinars for employee awareness on current security threats.
      • Develop and initiate disaster recovery plan including information and procedures.
      • Serve as subject matter expert in multi-layered security for network and endpoints to provide protection from security threats and secure file transfer service for clients to transfer confidential documents.

If you’re interested to see more, you can check out our free resume examples. You can view all resume samples by selecting an industry listed on the page.

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Ace Your Job Search with the Best Resume Service Today

Now is high time for you to write or update your resume. Since most of us are staying indoors because of health and safety reasons, we have enough time to set our career goals and review our job search tools. Hence, as you plan your career with a new role or job resume examples might entice you to save time and costs. Our wide selection of resume samples should help you get going.

However, if you need further advice from experts who know the current standards in resume writing, you’re in luck—you’ve come to the right place! Contact us now or you can check our resume writing and CV writing services to see the best option for your job search needs.

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