Quality Assurance Specialist Resume: Example and Surefire Tips to Land the Job

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quality assurance specialist reviewing policies and standards

Companies, especially in the manufacturing and software development industries, are required to ensure the quality of their products and services. Because of this, businesses hire professionals, such as quality assurance specialists, to check the quality of the products and sign off that such products pass the company standards. That said; professionals who are detail-oriented, have the ability to make sound decisions, and can work effectively with a team are ideal for the position.

If you’re one of them and you aim to showcase your expertise in quality control, this is a good job opportunity for you. To take a step forward: Start with a well-written quality assurance specialist resume. And to help you with your job search journey, we’ll give you an overview about the post, some quick tips on how to ace your job search, and a quality assurance specialist resume to guide you in writing your resume.

What is a Quality Assurance Specialist?

A quality assurance specialist assumes one of the vital roles in production to make sure that they undergo quality control. Prevention of poor quality and defective products helps keep the company’s reputation. Thus, a quality assurance specialist’s job involves keeping the manufacturing process at its best, thereby avoiding problems in delivery.

In addition, a quality assurance specialist is expected to have both soft and hard skills helpful to work with the tasks and responsibilities of the job. These include keen eye for detail, analytical thinking, conflict management, time management, leadership, software proficiency, data analysis, project management, and research skills.

What are the Duties of a Quality Assurance Specialist?

A quality assurance specialist isn’t just tasked to oversee the manufacturing of the products. There are other common duties one also needs to do to excel in this position in order to be an effective QA specialist.

  • Perform routine inspection and testing of incoming and outgoing products to confirm compliance to standards
  • Analyze and respond to product complaints
  • Assist and oversee plant operations
  • Develop and implement company guidelines and production procedures
  • Ensure safety regulations and standards are observed by all employees
  • Document quality assurance activities
  • Write audit reports
  • Create training and operating manuals
  • Propose solutions and resolve workflow issues

How Do You Become a Quality Assurance Specialist?

Aside from your soft and hard skills, a quality assurance specialist needs to have relevant credentials and work experience. If you’re eyeing this position, here are the qualifications needed to get the job.

  • Bachelor’s degree
  • Certifications such as Six Sigma and quality auditor
  • Expertise in quality assurance terminology, method, and tools
  • Knowledge in Scrum methodology and QA functions
  • Work experience in the quality assurance industry is a plus
Quality Assurance Specialists Doing Rountine Plant Inspection
Quality Assurance Specialist Resume: Example and Surefire Tips to Land the Job 1

What to Include on Your Quality Assurance Specialist Resume

If you want to climb up the ladder as a quality assurance specialist, you should start with your job search tool first. With your quality assurance specialist resume, it can give you a boost in taking your next step to achieve your goal. Revamp your resume with the important details needed to be included and you’re on your way.

Contact Information

Start your quality assurance specialist resume by writing your first and last name, complete mailing address, phone number, and email address. You may also include the URL of your LinkedIn profile, if there are any. One more thing: Placing your certification beside your name can give you better chances of getting noticed by hiring managers.

Specific Target Job

This is also called the career tag. Here you specify your target post to let hiring managers and recruiters know what job position you’re applying for.

Qualifications Profile / Summary of Qualifications

A striking resume summary can help you get the interest of recruiters. Remember, hiring managers spend an average of six seconds to review an applicant’s resume. Thus, it’s important to highlight what you can bring to the table as a quality assurance specialist.

Expert Tip:

When writing your summary, steer away from the resume objective-type statement. Instead, use compelling titles and headlines to catch the hiring manager’s attention.

Quality Assurance Specialist Skills

Since quality assurance specialists require years of experience in the field and expertise in making sure production meets the standards; it’s imperative for an aspiring candidate to have industry-specific and soft skills to showcase. That said, it’s crucial that you sort out and choose what skills you should put on your quality assurance specialist resume.

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Work Experience

Work experience is one of the important sections of a resume. Hence, you need to strategically use this to your advantage. Start with your most recent job down to your first. Include the company names and their locations, your job titles, and employment dates. As for the job descriptions, notable contributions, and accomplishments, it’s highly recommended to detail them using bullet points. This way, hiring managers can easily review your work history without missing important details.

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Academic background is one of the factors that hiring managers consider in the hiring and recruitment process. Thus, in order to catch their attention, make sure your education section is presented effectively. Include your complete degree and course title, school name and its location, and the dates of your graduation. Plus, mention your grade point average if it’s 3.5 and above, as well as the awards and honors you’ve received. These can help you edge out other qualified candidates.

Training, Certifications, and Licenses

Not all job seekers applying for a quality assurance specialist position have the credentials necessary for the job post. Hence, this section plays a critical role in impressing hiring managers. Indicate here all training programs, workshops, and seminars you’ve attended, along with industry-related certifications and licenses you’ve obtained. This can help back up your application a great deal, despite the apparent lack of credentials.

Optional and Possible Information to Include on Your Quality Assurance Specialist Resume

You can also include your professional affiliations, relevant activities, technical skills, and projects handled, if there are any. Doing so gives your quality assurance specialist resume additional info that might encourage hiring managers to give you a shot.

How to Write Your Quality Assurance Specialist Resume

Now that you have an idea on what to include on your quality assurance specialist resume, knowing how to write them on your job search tool should be your next step.  To help you, we’ve listed some tips in writing a job-winning quality assurance specialist resume.

1.   Apply a simple yet attractive design and layout.

A quality assurance specialist resume with cluttered information and fancy font styles might snuff out the chances of passing the 6-second test. Instead, a simple yet engaging design and layout complemented with an easy-to-read resume can get you a job interview invite.

2.   Choose the best resume format.

When writing your quality assurance specialist resume, use the best resume format that will highlight your qualifications, skills, and experience. If you already have extensive experience in the field, the chronological resume format should be your top pick. You may also use other resume formats to showcase what you can contribute to the organization you want to join.

3.   Highlight your quality assurance specialist skills.

As mentioned above, an experienced quality assurance specialist has a lot of skills and abilities to offer. Since you’re applying for a quality assurance specialist position, you must highlight the skills relevant to the job. Be sure to balance your technical and management skills.

4.   Include resume keywords.

With resume keywords, employers can easily identify and evaluate whether you are the best fit for the position or not. That said, it’s pertinent that you put these terms not only under the skills section but also throughout your quality assurance specialist resume. Moreover, including these resume keywords can help you pass the applicant tracking system.

Expert Tip:

Resume keywords are job-related or industry-specific words and phrases outlined in job postings. Make sure that your quality assurance specialist resume matches the job ad.

5.   Use concrete data and examples.

Presenting figures and examples when describing your job descriptions and accomplishments is much better than listing plain information. These details will help you stand out among other qualified candidates.

6.   Proofread, proofread, and proofread.

Before submitting your quality assurance specialist resume, read it over and over again. Doing so will help you check, spot, and correct errors, such as grammar and punctuation mistakes. Plus, keeping your resume free from error can increase your chances of securing job interviews.

Quality Assurance Specialist Resume Example

Our professional resume writers handpicked the best quality assurance resume examples to help you write your resume, beat the ATS, and increase your chances of getting the job. Check out the quality assurance specialist resume example below.

Rpw Quality Assurance Specialist Resume Example
Quality Assurance Specialist Resume: Example and Surefire Tips to Land the Job 2

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