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We’ve compiled the answers to your most frequently asked resume service questions. Contact us and we’ll be happy to let you know more.

About Resume Products / Services

Our resume packages start at $125. These include the following:
  • Basic Package (resume only) at $125,
  • Deluxe Package (resume with cover letter and thank you letter) at $195,
  • Premium Package (resume with cover letter, thank you letter, and job posting at 25 job boards) at $305, and
  • Ultimate Package (resume with cover letter, thank you letter, follow-up letter, job posting at 25 job boards, LinkedIn profile, and free e-book) at $485.
Apart from resumes, our team of expert writers also prepare other documents that you can use to complement your resume. These add-on services include writing of cover letters, professionally written biography, LinkedIn Profile, statement of purpose for college admission, and many more.
We are very confident that all the resumes that we write are ATS-friendly. It means that they are readable by most of the ATS software in the market. Their passing rate depends on the right content written in resumes, and here’s why. ATS is a software used by hiring managers to collect resumes that have the “qualifications they set”; those qualifications serve as keywords. If those keywords are not present in your resume or different from the ones set by the hiring manager, it will fail. That is why providing the link of your target job opening is very important to us. This is to ensure that we’ll be able to include the keywords that the hiring managers are looking for in your resume; thus, will ensure the passing rate of your resume. We do not encourage everyone to trust the available systems that can be found online because those are not actual ATS used by hiring managers. They differ in their ability to sort and manage candidates based on the keywords present on their resumes. So, for example, while some ATS can screen the term ‘employee recruiting’, actual ones may prefer ‘employee recruitment’. Or an ATS might assign a higher grade when it sees the ‘project manager’ job title, and lower for the ‘project coordinator’—even if, say, both jobs have basically the same descriptions.
Yes. We offer free resume critique to our clients, allowing them to assess the insights our resume writers have provided. If our clients wish to do the suggestions themselves, then it’s fine. If they wish to seek further advice from a professional resume writer, then our team of writers will be more than willing to guide you.
Unlike most of the resume writing companies, we offer unlimited number of revisions to unfinished projects within the prescribed period for the particular package ordered until the client is completely satisfied. Take note, though, that revision refers to the modification of resume content targeted to the objective you mentioned in the questionnaire or conveyed to your resume writer. Changing the objective during the revision process isn’t considered a revision; hence, in this case, you need to purchase an additional resume for a new target job.
Regardless of the file format of your old resume, we always work on our clients’ resumes in Word and PDF formats. This standard aims to help you make minor adjustments on your own resume as you see fit using the Word format. The PDF version allows you to see the actual formatting used in your resume. Apart from these formats, we send final copies of federal resumes in ASCII formats as part of the inclusions of our federal resume writing service.
We only offer free resume updates to finalized projects within the prescribed period for the particular package ordered. The updates involved refer to minor changes, addition, and/or removal of resume content, such as contact information, address, and latest job position and responsibilities. However, a minimal fee might be required if your package is already expired. You may read more about our Project Agreement.
No, but we can submit them to top 25 job boards in the United States. With years of experience in this industry, Resume Professional Writers has mastered the art of job board posting. We offer this service to let potential employers find you at your own convenience. Our job board posting service involves boosting your exposure to the job market—minus the hassle.
We keep the best interests of our clients in mind. Therefore, we offer this service which entails lifetime storage of your documents. This comes in handy during situations that include accidentally misplacing your resume or having your resume undergo an update. Hiring this service allows for convenience both on our part since it will save time spent in rewriting your whole resume instead of simply asking for a backup copy.
We can indicate that in your resume under background and objectives. But, you must realize that it is a big no-no if you have different career objectives in multiple areas. A resume, after all, should be custom-fitted to one specific career to highlight your competencies effectively.
Yes, our writers are skilled in working with different types of resumes depending on the clients’ objectives. That is why we encourage our clients to fill up the questionnaire diligently because all of the information that you submit to us is essential on how we will write your resume.
Hiring resume writers costs differently based on the firm and type of resume—entry level, mid-career, or executive resume. Usually, resume writing service rates range from $99 to $800. There are resume writing companies that charge lower or higher than that range.
Resume writing services rates depend on the requirement of the client. For RPW, our resume packages start from $125 up to $485, which, of course, differs in the quantity and add-ons of the package a client ordered.

About the Process

We serve our clients entirely online and through phone (by appointment with a writer) for more than 20 years. We do not engage with face-to-face transactions as our writers are located all throughout the United States.
Go to and choose the package that suits you. Fill in the order form with the required details once you click the “order now” button. Do not forget to use your promo code if you have one! If you need assistance, just call 1 (877) 285-5492 or chat with one of our representatives at the lower right corner of the website.
Once we receive your order, you will automatically receive two (2) emails. One that contains the receipt of your purchase, and the one containing your login details to our project management system. If you did not receive any email, please check your spam or junk folder. Once logged in into our project management system, you will be notified there to answer a questionnaire and upload your existing resume. You may skip the items in the questionnaire that were already covered in your old resume. You may also request for a phone conversation if you need further assistance or if you wish to convey specific instructions. When finished uploading your answered questionnaire and old resume, wait for our email regarding the delivery date of the first draft of your resume. The turnaround time will vary depending on the package you have purchased.
After reviewing the documents you have submitted, our team will send you the delivery date of your resume. Please take note that what you will receive is only the initial draft and not yet final. It is still subject for your review. The turnaround time does not include weekends and holidays. Four (4) business days for the Basic package, three (3) business days for the Deluxe, two (2) business days for Premium, and one (1) business day for the Ultimate package.

Once you receive the first draft, please review it and send feedback to the writer for further revisions. Otherwise, you may inform us if we can prepare the final copy and proceed with other inclusions or add-ons purchased (if there’s any).
We offer unlimited number of revisions to unfinished projects within the prescribed period for the particular package ordered until you fully approve of the document. Take note, though, that revision refers to the modification of resume content targeted to the objective you mentioned in the questionnaire or conveyed to your resume writer. Changing the objective during the revision process isn’t considered a revision; hence, in this case, you need to purchase an additional resume for a new target job.
We work with clients around the world through our project management system, telephone, email, and rarely fax. These are the most practical and convenient ways to talk to your writer, so you won’t have to spend a single cent only to meet us personally to discuss specifics. This also allows us to reach out to as many clients as possible, wherever they are. On the other hand, if you really want to talk to your writer prior to writing your resume draft, you can do so by appointment. This way, we can arrange a schedule that is convenient for both of you.
Regardless of the service package, all not started and unfinished projects expire. These include resume writing services, LinkedIn Profile optimization, job board posting, and other add-on services. As for the reactivation of projects, the fee would depend on the situation. You may read more about our Project Agreement.

About Guarantees

If within 60 days of delivery of your resume package you have not received any interviews, contact us by email or by phone at 1 (877) 285-5492 to let us know. We will then update your resume and deliver it to you within 3 business days. The guarantee is valid within 60 days, which starts after the delivery of the final resume via email. There are no other conditions or limitations to this guarantee, so please email or call us with any questions.
Resume Professional Writers reserves the right not to honor specific requests for refund made by the client. Nonetheless, we grant refunds given justified reasons, including cancellation of service owing to dissatisfaction with the quality of the service received. You may read more about our Project Agreement.
Indeed! Resume writing service guarantees your job search documents are ATS-ready, optimized, and will pass the 6-second eye test of hiring managers. Thus, a resume writing service is a worthwhile investment if you want to boost your chances of securing your target post.
To find outstanding professional writers online, you have to do your research and consider some factors such as service rates, inclusions, guarantees, and customer satisfaction ratings. You can also check the firm’s client reviews and examples. Ask your colleagues for recommendations. That way, you have assessed your options.
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