Resume Title Examples and Tips in Writing a Striking Resume Headline

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As the demand for jobs continues to increase, many professionals are on the move to land their target posts. This makes the competition tougher. Hence, if you want to ace your job search, you need to have a job search tool that reflects your skills and qualifications. Check out some resume title examples to guide you on how to write a striking resume that can attract the interest of hiring managers.

You might be wondering: What does a resume title have to do with securing a job? Remember, hiring managers take only 6 to 7 seconds to review a resume and decide whether the job seeker makes it to the shortlist of those qualified for a job interview. This is after hundreds of resumes pass through the applicant tracking system (ATS).

Nevertheless, how do you make sure your resume beats the ATS and catches the recruiter’s attention? Start with a compelling headline to make your resume stand out. Not sure how to write one? We have prepared some resume title examples for any job to help you with your job search.

What is a Resume Title?

A resume title, sometimes referred to as a resume headline, is a brief phrase found at the top of your resume that shows your professional identity. It must contain your job title, a career highlight or achievement, and relevant keywords from the job posting. Simply put: A resume title is a short yet compelling version of a resume summary or profile.

In addition, resume titles also help the hiring team to know whether a specific candidate qualifies for the job post. Thus, this should be the first thing you list under your name and contact info. This is your golden chance to introduce yourself in a one- to two-liner with an attention-grabbing statement. That’s why you need to make sure you know how to write one to reap its benefits for your application.

Reasons to Write a Resume Title

Resume titles give hiring managers an idea whether you’re worth a shot. It’s a crucial part of your job search tool, since it’s one of the first things recruiters see when evaluating your resume. Apart from that, there are other important reasons for including this in your document. Here are some of them:

  • It interests recruiters and hiring managers to read your resume more.
  • A resume title boosts your chances of passing the 6-second test.
  • It’s an effective way to communicate your strengths and skills.
  • It showcases how qualified and competent you are for the position.
  • Your relevant work experience can be highlighted on your resume title.
  • It could serve as your ticket to getting an interview invite.
Resume Title Examples Show You How You Should Write One

How to Write Killer Resume Headlines

Now that you know how important resume headers are in writing resumes, let’s cut to the chase. Below is a video of some pointers to help you power up your tool and attract the attention of potential employers.

Bonus Tips:

  • Take advantage of formatting to help your resume headline stand out from the rest of your resume sections.
  • You may include certifications and licenses.
  • If you’re applying to different companies but in the same position, write different resume titles for each. Use the words on their job post to ensure you get past ATS.

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Effective Resume Title Examples

Ready to write your perfect resume? Then, you have to have good resume headlines. Check out a few resume title examples to guide you in writing your headlines.

Resume Title Examples for Business and Management

  • Experienced Business Development Managers with Master’s Degree in Business Administration
  • Highly Productive Project Manager who Meets Deadlines Consistently
  • Self-starting Professional Open to New Managerial Opportunities
  • Senior Production Manager in Charge of Quality Assurance Department Comprised of 100 Employees
  • Strategic Business Consultant with International Organization for Standardization Quality Auditor Certification

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Resume Title Examples for Engineering and Architecture

  • Analytical Professional who is an Innovative Engineer Researcher Ph.D.
  • Highly Efficient Civil Engineer with CAD Software Expertise
  • Recent Graduate with 2 Years On-the-Job Training in Architecture
  • Dedicated Entry-Level Engineer with Design Expertise and Impressive Portfolio
  • Computer Engineer Responsible for Designing Innovative Mobile Software

Resume Title Examples for Finance

  • Financial Adviser with Reputable 10 Years’ Experience and Expertise in Foreign Exchange Market
  • Certified Public Accountant Adaptable to Best Accounting Practices
  • Bank Operations Manager with Proven Track Record of Assisting 50+ Clients

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Resume Title Examples for Human Resource

  • HR Specialist with 6 Years Experience in Recruitment for Medium to Large BPO Companies
  • Hiring Manager with Connections to Fortune 1000 Companies and Passionate in Excellent Hiring Process

Resume Title Examples for Marketing

  • Dedicated Marketing Manager who is Skilled at Growing eCommerce Stores from 500 to 1500 Visits/Month
  • Creative Web Designer with 5 Years Experience and Outstanding Portfolio
  • Social Media Specialist with Hands-On Expertise in Digital Marketing Platforms
  • Digital Marketing Associate who is the Driving Force Behind 10 Digital Marketing Campaigns

Resume Title Examples for VAs

  • Live Chat Support With Proven Multitasking Skills and Ability to Handle 100+ Inquiries Daily
  • Dependable Customer Service Representative with 4 Years of Experience in Chat Support
  • Customer Support Specialist Skilled in Data Processing and Data Entry
Resume Title Examples That Attract Recruiters Attention

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