Resume Title Examples and Tips in Writing a Striking Resume Headline

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Reviewing resume title examples guide you in writing your own compelling resume

As the global market deals with the COVID-19 pandemic worldwide, the labor market has seen the effects firsthand. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports an increase in unemployment rates in April 2020, before seeing a slight improvement last August 2020, according to the agency’s Employment Situation News Release. As a result, the market competition has tightened more than ever, and applicants strive to find ways to convey they’re the perfect fit for the job.

Are you currently planning your own job search under today’s new normal? You’re probably aware that on average, hiring managers take only 6 to 7 seconds to review resumes and decide whether the job seeker makes it to the shortlist of those qualified for a job interview. This is after hundreds of resumes pass through applicant tracking systems (ATS). That said, how do you make sure your resume beats the ATS and catches the recruiter’s attention? Start with a compelling headline to make your resume stand out. Not sure how to write one? Review our guide to resume title examples for any job to help you with your job search!

What is a Resume Title? 

A resume title is a brief phrase found at the top of your resume which shows your professional identity. It must contain your job title, a career highlight or achievement, and relevant keywords from the job posting. In essence, a resume title is a short yet compelling version of a resume summary or profile.

Further, resume titles also help the hiring team to know whether a specific candidate qualifies for the job post. That said, make sure you know how to write one and reap its benefits to your application!

Let’s look at different samples to get you started.

Effective Resume Title Examples 

Now, how do you know if resume title examples really work? What makes them effective? Check these out:

  • Personable Sales Associate who Attained 46% Revenue Increase
  • Top-Grossing Sales Rep who Surpassed Sales Targets by 20%
  • Online Marketer Responsible for 40% Client Referral Increase in 2 Years
  • Insightful Business Analyst with 6 Years of Experience
  • Top-Performing Marketer and Successful Campaign Manager
  • Bilingual Licensed RN Specializing in Rural Healthcare
  • Goal-Driven Senior Store Manager and Loss Prevention Expert
  • Detail-Oriented Executive Assistant with 7+ Years of Experience
  • Skilled Bartender with Proven Success in High-End Restaurants

Also, here are some of the best resume title examples for freshers or entry-level job seekers:

  • Honors Student with Great Attention to Detail
  • Innovative Digital Marketing Student with Field Experience

Writing Killer Resume Headlines 

Resume Title Examples Show You How You Should Write One

Resume titles, also known as resume headlines, help make your resume more compelling, thus helping you craft a more personalized and targeted application.

Now, how do you write the title of a resume? Aside from checking out resume headline examples, heed these top tips on how you can write yours.

1. Keep it short and on point. 

Resume title examples show that a headline need not be in a complete sentence. Instead, resume titles must contain brief yet targeted phrases. The main goal is to state your value offer as to how you’re fit for the job post.

2. Use capitals. 

Since a resume headline is a title, most of its words must be in capitals. However, here are some words that aren’t usually capitalized in a resume title (unless they are the first word):

  • a, an, the
  • and, or, so
  • in, on, from, at, to, with, of

3. Avoid clichés. 

As we know, generic resumes are a turnoff to hiring managers. Don’t add to this mistake by writing a cliché headline that doesn’t really put any value on your resume. Here are some generic titles you should avoid:

  • Marketing Student with Good Communication Skills
  • Hardworking Licensed RN

4. State an achievement or quantifiable data. 

Good resume titles examples feature a glimpse of who you are as a professional—and how and why you’re the best fit for the job. Increase your leverage among other applicants and stand out from hundreds of physical and online job applications.

Here are some examples of concrete data:

  • Number of people managed
  • Number of awards won
  • Amount of products sold
  • Amount of sales made
  • Years of experience

Now, check out these resume title samples with quantifiable achievements:

  • Top-Grossing Sales Rep who Exceeded Sales Targets by 20%
  • Online Marketer Responsible for 40% Client Referral Increase in 2 Years

Also, using this approach is one of the top resume trends today. Hence, use this to your advantage!

5. Use keywords. 

One way for you to ensure your resume passes through the ATS is to sprinkle powerful resume keywords in the job descriptions. Review the job posting, match your skills and experiences to the job requirements, and use certain keywords to make your resume more targeted.

Hire Top Resume Writers to Help Boost Your Career 

Let’s face it: The effects of this global pandemic are far-reaching to say the least, thus making job searches become a bigger challenge than it already is. As you strive to build your career looking for job openings here and there, writing your own job search tools requires too much time and effort. This is where our team of skilled writers comes in: We can help you achieve more in your career.

Resume title examples that stand out don’t contain statements and data that sound too good to be true. Instead, this part of your resume helps you ease your job search by making your resume stand out and catch the hiring team’s attention right away. With that, entrust your resume needs to the experts! Hire our top resume writers and let us help you get invited for 3x more job interviews through a compelling resume. Check out our resume services now or you may contact us for more details.

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