Since 1994, has been a venue for employers and job seekers to find a good match on the jobs. Knowing how to post a resume on Monster gives you a greater chance to get your dream job. Whether you will create or upload your tool, here are the steps that you have to keep on your mind.

1. Join

You have to sign up first for an account. Don’t worry—it’s for free. Just fill out the spaces with the correct details required to complete the registration process (e.g. full name, valid e-mail address, password, etc.).

2. Sign in with your username and password.

Now, you are ready to upload or create your job hunt tool! Log in using your username and password. You can either choose to upload an existing file or copy-paste its content to the text box provided.

3. Check the site and read writing tips.

Before you post a resume, be sure to read and use ideas that will help your tool stand out among others. That way, you can have better chance of being chosen by employers.

4. Click on “Create a New Resume” or “Submit Resume”.

If you have your file ready, browse it from your computer and save. Enter a catchy resume title to catch the interest of the readers. You have the choice to make it private or public. You will be asked to provide details on your work experience and target job, industry, and location.

If not, you can create a new one through the Resume Builder. Fill in the blanks with the information that are relevant for the application. Once, you click “Save Resume” or “Submit”, your job hunt tool will now be posted on for viewing.

It does not end there, though! You have to update your resume each and every time you have achieved something new. Another word of caution: be sure to review your tool before posting it on the site. Make sure it contains keywords relevant to the job you are targeting. Revise statements if needed. If you are going to upload an existing document, save it in DOC format—not DOCX or PDF—since it is the most ideal format to use. With that, your tool is now ready to be on top of the search!

Hope this helps as you learn how to post a resume on Monster!