Launch Your Career Using the Best Job Search Engines

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With thousands of listings and additional resources such as career counseling, resume building, and articles full of helpful tips, the use of a job site is one of the most applicable and efficient ways to apply to dozens of opportunities. How will you know the right one for you given the numbers of job posts? To find the best job websites that match your search, we have listed the top 10 job sites based on its popularity, easy access, features, and industry. We came up with the best selection, considering the number of listings on each site.

Top 10 Best Websites to Post Your Resume

1. Indeed 

Indeed Hero Section With Search Bars And Sign In Tabs
Launch Your Career Using the Best Job Search Engines 1

If you’re a job seeker or you’ve ever gone through online agencies to find a job, you’re probably familiar with Indeed. This website covers a wide range of features, from job openings and reviews to salary listings. This job site conveniently connects job seekers with potential employers. Both ways, this popular online job search engine is designed for companies and applicants to create their own profiles. Along with its other competitors, Indeed has been around for more than 14 years.

As one of the best job search engines online, Indeed welcomes applicants and recruiters from diverse industries. If you go to, it contains job listings from different sources including job boards, company career pages, staffing firms, and associations. Moreover, they have sponsored job options, resume subscriptions, and mobile recruitment, among others. Aside from the perks mentioned above, Indeed provides free resources for job seekers such as resume builders. Although a resume builder is not as effective as hiring a professional resume writer, they are great help to entry-level job seekers.

2. CareerBuilder

Career Builder Homepage With Tabs To Upload Or Build A Resume
Launch Your Career Using the Best Job Search Engines 2

CareerBuilder comes second on the list because this site provides plenty of resume posting possibilities and career resources across all countries. For more than 20 years, CareerBuilder is considered one of the best job search engines for millennial job seekers in 2021 and beyond. One of its best features is the customizable search so you can quickly check job postings for you. When you market yourself at the right posting, you are at a competitive advantage. With CareerBuilder, you can search by industry, location, salary range and company. They also give advice on how to avoid falling into job scams. If you want to find a job but are afraid of scams, try your job hunting luck on this site.

If you are an employer, monthly subscription plans can help candidates with their search through targeted recruitment emails and management tools.

3. Monster

Monster Homepage As Best Job Search Engines To Upload A Resume
Launch Your Career Using the Best Job Search Engines 3

When you search for industry positions and their descriptions, you will get fast results from Monster. That said; this job search engine is one of the most reliable and recognized by many job seekers. What’s unique about Monster is their advice section, where applicants can get career advice based on your application. If you visit Monster website, you can search based on categories that are present on the front page. That’s great news to save time and focus on your search for a job.

4. Glassdoor

Homepage Of Glassdoor One Of The Best Job Search Engines
Launch Your Career Using the Best Job Search Engines 4

Glassdoor is a job search engine with a user-friendly interface. You can apply for open positions in easy steps. You can create a profile, upload your resume, and sign up for email alerts to receive curated lists of job opportunities. Aside from that, you can also browse active listings by using the search bar. With millions of job listings to choose from, signing up in Glassdoor is a wise decision. Another good thing about this job search engine is that it links you to an external page to let you apply for companies via their site.

If you want to cross-check a company’s credibility, Glassdoor also posts company reviews. Apart from the review site, you can also click guide articles to help you further with your search. Moreover, you can calculate salaries per job position to know your worth in seconds. With the help of a salary calculator tool, you’ll have a guide how to negotiate your salary or get paid fairly.

5. LinkedIn Jobs

Linkedin Jobs Homepage With A Cartoonized Man Looking For Jobs Using A Laptop
Launch Your Career Using the Best Job Search Engines 5

LinkedIn is not only for networking purposes because it also serves as a job search engine that connects you to career pages of companies you like. Once you have a profile in this site, LinkedIn will automatically suggest companies and job openings based on your profile. LinkedIn has numerous advantages for every job seeker. Aside from having an online resume, LinkedIn offers courses and an “Easy Apply” button to save you from submitting a cover letter.

Through LinkedIn, employers can seamlessly reach out to qualified candidates whether they applied for the job or not. The advantage of this setup is that the hiring manager will review your information and reach out to you once they see you as qualified. Additionally, the purpose of LinkedIn is to connect candidates to a pool of networks which, in turn, allows for professional discussions.


Federal Job Search Engine Site With Search Bar For Keywords And Location
Launch Your Career Using the Best Job Search Engines 6

For job seekers wanting to serve the country by applying to federal agencies, is the perfect job search engine for you. This site lets you browse more than 2.7 million federal positions with specific qualifications and requirements. To start finding job matches, you need to sign in or create a profile. Due to high volume of hiring, make sure you are fit for the job announcement number by polishing your resume. Also, write down your knowledge, skills, and abilities in line with the posting. 

7. Google Jobs 

Google Careers Home Page With A Tagline Create For Everyone And A Photo Of Cameraman Shooting An Interview
Launch Your Career Using the Best Job Search Engines 7

If you seek change and new ways to find a job that suits your skills and experience, then check out Google for jobs. Through a combination of Cloud jobs API with Google’s search engine features, job hunting is in the hands of candidates. Even though Google Jobs is not as popular as the job recruitment giants, looking for jobs is as simple as searching in Google. 

As part of the improvement of this site, According to CEO Sundar Pichai, Google Jobs aims to crack the code to match right candidates with available jobs. “The challenge of connecting job seekers to better information on job availability is like many search challenges we’ve solved in the past,” he added.

8. Snagajob

Snagajob Homepage With Two Baristas Smiling While Preparing Food
Launch Your Career Using the Best Job Search Engines 8

Snagajob is a job search engine that lists job openings per hour. Another offer of this site is the option to download their app and get notified about the new opening that fits your availability. What’s more is that Snagajob serves as a search engine and database for open jobs. By setting up your online profile, you have access to thousands of job openings in almost every industry.

The use of this site is free for job seekers. However, employers pay a fee to add a list on this site. You’ll find jobs in these industries: healthcare, customer service, hospitality, retail sales, security, and food delivery.

9. Robert Half

Robert Half Homepage With A Recruiter Conducting Panel Interview To Job Seekers
Launch Your Career Using the Best Job Search Engines 9

Down to our ninth spot, Robert Half is a job search engine that covers employment opportunities and helps candidates with education and experience level to get hired today. Candidates must submit a resume and apply for a temporary or full-time position while getting updates through job alerts. The biggest obstacle to being successful in a competitive world of business is hiring help.

With Robert Half, you can easily submit your resume and land a job and career development by reading their blog. What makes Robert Half one of the best job search engine sites is its use as a robust library of research about workplace trends and annual salary guide without cost to job seekers.

If you are an employer, Robert Half’s website enables you to browse candidates. Moreover, you can submit a hiring request for immediate follow-up.

Facebook Jobs Homepage With Filtered Nearby Job Postings
Launch Your Career Using the Best Job Search Engines 10

Facebook is not just your typical social networking site because it also serves as a job search engine. When you post your resume, you will have access to jobs around your area. You can also click the apply button right from your account. This kind of option could either be good or bad depending on what’s public on your profile. It’s more likely that the basic information you need to apply is there, such as name, phone, where you work, and other info about you since Facebook Jobs is linked to your personal profile.

Get Yourself Hired Faster with the Best Job Search Engines

In the digital age, finding the best career and landing a job is just one click away. What made job hunting easy is the navigation and the advantage of uploading your resume. The prominence of job search engines has brought an end to classified ads. In just a matter of seconds, millions of job matches will appear based on your target position. Now, to get you noticed, just uploading your resume is not enough. The best job search engines offer room for employers to reach out to the perfect candidate in the database. Thus, you need to revamp your resume in line with resume writing trends and make it keyword search-friendly.

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