Resume Summary Examples and Writing Tips for Every Job Seeker

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Why do movies release trailers before they run shows on the big screen? Why do authors need to include prologues at the start of their books? Answers to these explain why you need a resume summary. People include these snippets at the start of every work to catch their viewers’ attention. As a job seeker, your main goal is to land your target job. You need to pass through the hiring manager’s eyes before you can proceed to the next stages. Grab this once-in-a-lifetime chance with the help of these resume summary examples and writing tips.

What is a Resume Summary

Resume summary is a short statement that is placed at the top of one’s resume. It highlights the job seeker’s core skills and experience to grab the hiring manager’s attention. This means it includes one’s greatest suit and winning traits as a job candidate. Even though it stands as your marketing spiel, don’t overdo it. Most resume statements are about one to three sentences long, depending on one’s career background. However, the key to writing a great resume intro is to keep it short yet strong.

Why Include Resume Summary Section

Some of you might ask, “If this section should be kept short, then why bother to include this?” While this is true, we should not ignore the fact that hiring managers don’t have enough time to scan one’s whole resume. Hence, placing resume summary statement at the start of your resume will help them assess your job search tool faster. Aside from that, here’s a list of good reasons to include this section on your resume.

1. Makes You Stand Out

Since your job search tool will compete with about hundred resumes or more, you need to take extra effort to stand out. One way to do this is to present your skills and feats right off the bat. Create a strong intro with your resume summary to capture the reader’s full attention.

2. Opens Opportunities

When you write all your career highlights at the start of your resume, you give your hiring managers a quick, general view of your strengths and potentials. Here, they can assess right away whether or not you’re fit for the job post. They can also see here the traits that you could improve, which could later on be your team’s greatest asset.

3. Holds Keywords

Keywords are terms relevant to the field or job post you’re applying to. They are usually linked with the job requirements or roles of the said position. You must include such terms in your resume for many firms use applicant tracking system (ATS) during the early stages of job search.

How to Write a Resume Summary

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The intro sets the overall tone of your resume. This small portion can either make or break your chance to land your target job. But don’t worry; our career experts are here to give you a simple guide in writing your resume. So, what are you waiting for? Perfect your summary section with these tips.

1. List down your skills

Assess yourself and list down all your skills. You may divide your list into two—soft skills and hard skills. Soft skills include traits that are transferable, regardless of the job post. Meanwhile, hard skills include technical skills specific to the field.

2. Narrow down your achievements

After listing down your skills, it’s time to screen the list. Assess which of the listed traits are applicable to the eyed job post. Know if these traits would create a big impact in the eyes of the hiring managers. If not, then you may just mention them in your skills section.

3. Combine them to form a short statement

It’s time to sort your list and weave the skills into a brief statement. Browse our list of resume summary examples below to help you write your own.

4. Include keywords

ATS usually screens job search tools by reading keywords on specific sections. One of these is the resume summary section. Hence, you can improve your hiring chances by putting keywords on vital sections of your resume, including summary section.

5. Read and edit

One of the biggest resume writing fails is having errors in spelling and grammar. So, it is vital to double-check your resume’s intro. You can use online grammar checkers or ask someone you trust to check it for you. But if you want professional help, you can always talk to our career experts to let them assess your resume.

Resume Summary Examples

Looking for resume summary templates? Here are samples that you can use in crafting your topnotch resume.

Data Scientist Resume Summary

Forward-thinking, multifaceted, and results-oriented professional, offering broad-based experience in data management, mining, and analysis; complemented with background in research and development. Knowledgeable of various methods and models including logistic regression, CHAID, AMOS, and psychographic segmentation. Armed with proven expertise in collecting, interpreting, and testing data to define profitability of various segments and operations and reporting potential outcomes to the senior management.

Sales Representative Resume Summary

Innovative, results-driven, and multifaceted professional, offering progressive experience in sales operations; complemented with expertise in logistics, vendor sourcing, and cross-selling and up-selling. Skilled at promoting and selling products and services; providing cost-effective recommendations; as well as conceptualizing innovative marketing techniques to effectively attain company profitability. Equipped with as solid interpersonal and communication skills in establishing productive rapport with individuals of diverse backgrounds. Articulate communicator; with knowledge of Spanish language.

Tutor Resume Summary

Highly motivated, goal-oriented, and multifaceted professional with hands-on experience in providing academic and social guidance to student population; combined with proven capacity to facilitate laboratory and interactive field activities and events. Seeking an engaging position within the educational field to utilize expertise honed from years of teaching support background. Armed with articulate skills in communicating and building productive relationships with teaching assistants, instructors, faculty members, and students to achieve positive academic outcomes.

Snag Your Target Job Today!

Resume writing is quite a tricky task to do. However, if you managed to present your skills, you can surely move a step closer to your target job. In order to do so, you must leave a brief yet strong impression to your hiring managers. And where else do you think you need to work on? Of course, your resume intro! Create a lasting impact with the help of these resume summary examples. If you’re not sure what to include, you can always ask our career expert’s help. Resume Professional Writers provide the best resume writing services that will fit your needs and budget. Choose from our array of resume services and be ready to upgrade your career. Contact us to know more.

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