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Research Scientist Resume Examples for Resume Professional Writers

If you’re aiming to snatch a job in the science and research field, you must keep up with the latest job search trends. That said, ace your application with a strong and up-to-date resume. As you write your own, check and review our research scientist resume example to guide you.

Working as a Research Scientist

With the worldwide Coronavirus pandemic, science and research have become more important. The World Health Organization began steering efforts to accelerate the research and development process aimed to curb the spread of COVID-19. In turn, this meant more and more job seekers are looking for opportunities in this field. Furthermore, the median research scientist salary is at $81,639 a year, which is $24.11 per hour, as stated by PayScale.

Moreover, research scientists can be employed across various fields and sectors. These include:

  • large pharmaceutical and cosmetics companies;
  • research councils;
  • clinical research organizations; and
  • private hospitals.

Provided that, know there are even more important details that can help you understand this job. Read on and review the following lists.

Research Scientist Working In A Pharmaceutical Industry

What do research scientists do?

Before anything else, ask yourself: What qualifications do you need to be a research scientist? Answer this by reviewing the research scientist job requirements. This helps you see and assess if your skills and experiences match those needed for the job. Now, here’s what you must have.

  • A degree in any science subject, with at least a 2.1 grade
  • Have completed, will take, or are taking a postgraduate qualification (a PhD or research-based MSc)

What are the key research scientist skills? A good research scientist has skills such as the following:

  • Excellent analytical skills
  • Good time management skills
  • Great attention to detail
  • Scientific and numerical skills
  • Communication skills, both written and verbal

What are the responsibilities of a research scientist? Here are their main duties:

  • Plan and carry out experiments and studies
  • Present results to seniors and research staff
  • Record and analyze data
  • Apply for funding
  • Carry out fieldwork
  • Write research papers, reports, proposals, and reviews
  • Organize product and materials testing
  • Supervise junior staff

These details should comprise a job-winning research scientist resume example.

Reviewing the Best Research Scientist Resume Example

In writing your own resume, guides are helpful to keep you on track of what and what not to include. Hence, check our resume sample and see how you can use it as your guide.

Research Scientist Resume Sample

Page 1 Of A Research Scientist Resume Example Prepared By Resume Professional Writers
Page 2 Of A Research Scientist Resume Example Prepared By Resume Professional Writers

Writing Your Research Scientist Resume

Based on the research scientist resume example above, we listed the most effective resume tips you can use to achieve your goal of landing your target job.

1. Write a clear and direct qualifications profile.

Grab the attention of recruiters with a brief yet striking profile. Aside from being truthful with how you present yourself, use this resume section to serve as your elevator pitch.

Pro tip: Don’t opt for a career objective for this section because it’s already obsolete. Instead, use this part to detail why you’re the best fit for the job.

As seen on our resume sample, Jason detailed his credentials and value offers using resume keywords. These include highly analytical and multifaceted professional.

2. List your areas of expertise.

To support your profile summary, mention your areas of expertise and skills. This way, you optimize your resume for the applicant tracking system or ATS. And now that most companies and firms use it to scan resumes, you should create a keyword-rich resume to stay ahead of the game. However, make sure to not overdo it. Doing this can make your resume look unprofessional. Worse—this may snatch you your chances of landing the job.

As you can see on the sample, Jason grouped his areas of expertise into four parts: analytical instrumentation, laboratory operations, industry-related skills, and computer programs. This is much easier for employers to pinpoint Jason’s core competencies. Further, this section is vital for them to assess if his expertise and skills match the job requirements.

3. Use verbs and keywords to highlight your work experiences.

This is another good technique for you to optimize your resume for the ATS. How will you do it? Describe your experiences using keywords that match your target job requirements. This allows you to create a more seamless job search tool and show recruiters how fit you are for the post.

On our resume sample, Jason talked about his career using action verbs relevant to the research scientist job. Some of these verbs are designed, took charge of, led, and managed.

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