Human Resources Manager Resume Example

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For organizations to function well, great management is vital. The human resources department is responsible for the workforce and must be headed by a competent manager. Sound like you’re the perfect one for this job? Take a look at your resume. Since the competition for this job is tough, ensure a resume that’ll speak for your credentials. With that, review our human resources manager resume example below to serve as your guide.

Working as an HR Manager

The median human resources manager salary is $66,383 a year or $20.15 an hour, as stated by PayScale. This is higher than the median income in the US in 2019, which is $46,800. As per the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, human resources manager jobs will grow by 7% from 2018 to 2028. As companies, organizations, and firms continue to expand, expect strong competition for this job.

What do HR managers do?

HR managers plan, direct, and coordinate a company’s or firm’s administrative functions and key human resource operations. Also, they are involved in recruiting, interviewing, and hiring employees, improving employee retention rates, and contributing to workforce and management development among others.

What are the duties of a human resources manager?

  • Plan and oversee employee benefit programs
  • Handle staffing issues
  • Implement HR policies
  • Spearhead recruitment, interview, selection, and hiring processes
  • Link the management to its employees
  • Work with top executives for strategies and plans for talent management
  • Administer employee relations
  • Manage employee-related services such as payroll, training, and other benefits

These details should be present in a job-winning human resources manager resume example. Given these, however, what should you do to boost your job search? Start with your resume. Let us help you write a strong one to land your target job.

Reviewing Human Resources Manager Resume Example

Aside from knowing the job growth, main tasks, and expectations for this job, you must review resume samples to guide you as you write your own. With that, check our sample HR manager resume to see how yours should look like.

HR Manager Resume Sample

Human Resources Manager Resume Examples 01
Human Resources Manager Resume Examples 01

Writing Your HR Manager Resume

Based on our human resources manager resume example above, we’ve listed practical tips on how you can make your resume help you win your target job.

1. Start strong with a clear summary statement.

Instead of writing an HR resume objective, opt for a strong resume summary. Use this part to convince your readers why you’re the perfect one for the job. Do this by listing your best points and how you stand out among the rest.

On the resume sample, Amy described herself as ‘dynamic, multifaceted, and performance-focused’. Using this phrase is a good complement to HR keywords to optimize her resume for the applicant tracking system or ATS.

2. List your areas of expertise.

How do you list HR skills on a resume? Presenting your areas of expertise is one great way to do so.

As seen in the resume sample, Amy listed her areas of expertise after her resume summary. Some of these are health and safety program management, policies and procedure development, and benefits administration. These skills are also found in the common duties an HR manager has.

To give you an idea, these are some vital HR skills you should have:

  • Communication. Since HR managers handle employee relations and human resources matters, this skill, both oral and in writing, is key for this post.
  • Conflict management. HR staff and managers help resolve a wide range of conflicts to maintain order and balance to the company.
  • Decision making. This skill helps HR managers decide on hiring employees and on dealing with challenges.

3. Detail your work history.

Since you’re up for a management post, your work history should be relevant and detailed.

Pro tip: Review the HR manager job description, too. This helps you see a clear picture of the duties, tasks, and other key details for this job post. Further, this lets you tailor your resume and only include details relevant to the position.

Amy used action verbs to describe her past roles. These are handled, performed, worked on, and played a key role to name a few.

4. Mention your career highlights.

To aid your career path with your achievements, list the key strengths of your career. This lets recruiters see a glimpse of your work performance.

Let’s say you’ve snatched the position as an HR manager, and you’re now tasked to handle the screening and interview process in your company. You’re reviewing a pile of resumes and you notice similar work histories from various job seekers. Now, it makes you wonder: What would make one stand out and best fit the job? One way is to look at their career highlights.

On our resume sample, Amy laid out hers. She used statements such as ‘designed and managed performance appraisal system’ and ‘established employee relation programs and services’ to mention some feats in her past career. She even used figures to quantify them.

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