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Setting your sights on working for executives and taking on complex tasks that greatly benefit the firm? If yes, an executive assistant job is perfect for you. To land this job, you must ensure your job application tools are up to date, such as your resume. Seeking (and finding) the best executive assistant resume example online might be tedious, but it’ll help you with your job hunt. By heeding resume samples online, you’ll spot parts of your resume that need improvement. Also, you’ll learn how to plan and write your job tool.

But before you aim for this post, learn the nature of this job first. To aid you, we prepared an in-depth guide for your reference.

Executive Assistant Job Description

First, you must know how executive assistants work. Since you aspire to be one, you must have a unique set of skills required for this job. Take note that you’ll be working with high-level experts, so every effort is crucial.

This job centers mainly on admin tasks including welcoming visitors, answering phones, and making travel arrangements. Executive assistant also take charge of preparing reports, filing and organizing documents, performing basic bookkeeping, and training staff. Basically a secretary, executive assistants have to tend to every job executives assign. The tasks they do also affect the success of the business since, without a helpful hand, a firm will struggle to thrive.

According to The Balance Careers, the average median-annual executive assistant salary is $59,340. This is ideal for experts who aim for this field. Given the nature of the job, you are learning while getting paid every day. So, here’s a quick rundown of executive assistant duties you must know.

  • Provide administrative help
  • Serve as key liaison
  • Lead and train staff
  • Direct general clerical duties

More work falls under each major role. Below are executive assistant duties you must read on a job-winning executive assistant resume example.

Executive Assistant Coordinating The Schedule Of A Client Business Owner
Executive Assistant Resume Example 1

Executive Assistant Tasks

1. Provide administrative help.

Having done almost every clerical work, an executive assistant job is almost similar to that of a secretary. However, their tasks greatly affect most processes that involve C-level personnel, thus, making it a critical job. If this is a job for you, then you must be prepared for the physical and emotional tolls this job might bring. After all, they can help your professional growth.

2. Serve as key liaison.

Executive assistants don’t just deal with normal people. They talk directly with executives. They act as liaison between valued experts. In fact, they are in control of the clarity of all processes involved. They must convey messages and perform tasks accurately, avoiding mistakes that can delay the process.

3. Lead and train staff.

Aside from liaising with key persons, executive assistants also have the power to train admin staff of the tasks they must do. They are liable for teaching these newly hired staff every work their job entails.

Since they have a broad knowledge of the field, executive assistants must work closely with lower-level staff to do tasks that need teamwork. In fact, in many firms, executive assistants lead the work of other admin assistants, including tasks that must be done. 

4. Direct general clerical duties.

Executive assistants gather details by transcribing, formatting, and editing data. They also do research, route emails, and draft letters that key persons need to use. Having performed a wide range of admin tasks, they also maintain office supplies inventory, checking the stock and inventory levels. They request needed supplies and assess new office products, too.

These details will help you think if this is the field you want to take. But, before you apply for this job, you must know the skills this job requires.

Executive Assistant Skills

When prepping for your job hunt, see if your resume has the skills the job post requires. If it doesn’t, try learning some of these skills:

  • Written and Verbal Skills
  • Supply Management
  • Strategic Planning
  • Detail-Oriented
  • Organizational Skills
  • Time Management
  • Presentation Skills
  • Travel and Logistics
  • Leadership and Teamwork

These skills will help you be a better admin support. If you have read both the job details and the skills, you might as well know the must-haves of this job. As you prepare, read on to know about the things you need.

Executive Assistant Requirements

Since skills are the key part of this job, you must be sure to showcase them. Most firms won’t look at your background if you can prove to them that you’re fit for the job. Here are some pointers you must take note.

  • At least a high school diploma or a college degree
  • Certifications that prove your mastery of a certain skill
  • Experience as an admin assistant, or other related jobs that share the same line of work

Executive Assistant Resume Example 

Once you have the skills this job needs, you can proceed in writing your resume. Make it as marketable as possible. Heed our executive assistant resume example below to make your resume writing task easier. 

Executive Assistant Resume Example
Executive Assistant Resume Example 2

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Resume Writing Tips: How Should Your Executive Assistant Resume Look Like?

The job you’re aiming for is not an easy job to take. Hence, like the executive assistant resume example above, every part of your resume must be clear and precise. Employers won’t waste their time in a resume that’s not direct to the point.

A study by The Ladders showed that recruiters spare about six seconds scanning your resume before making a decision. So, to surpass that six seconds, here are some helpful tips for you:

  • Get your facts straight.
  • Make it detailed yet precise.
  • Omit irrelevant details that don’t concern the job you’re aiming.
  • If possible, use keywords present in the job posting.
  • Take note of the proper format as well as the font style, size, and color.
  • Use active, power words such as action verbs.
  • Highlight your achievements since they vouch for your skills.
  • Proofread and edit your resume to avoid errors.

You must apply these tips to land the job you want. Need help in making your resume stand out? We’re here to help.

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