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Whether you’re looking for a new job before the Coronavirus outbreak or have lost your job because of it, one thing is for sure: Landing a job now won’t be easy. The number of job seekers is high but the number of vacant jobs is relatively low. This is why a professionally written online resume would surely be an edge. That said; if you’re running low on funds, you might be thinking, “Are there high-quality yet cheap resume writing services available for me?”

Yes, there are, and you’re browsing the website of one of them. Ranked 6th in Medium’s Top 50 Cheapest Resume Writing Services, Resume Professional Writers is a one-stop-shop for all your job search needs. Read on and know what we and our professional resume writers can offer you, especially at these critical times.

6 Reasons Our Cheap Resume Writing Services Is the Best Out There

1. Cost of Services

Starting at $125, our basic package includes an expertly written resume with industry-targeted keywords, a 60-day interview guarantee, and unlimited revisions.

2. Longstanding Credibility

Our credibility lies in 20 years of providing job-winning professional resume writing services to hundreds of thousands of job seekers. Aside from being a business accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB), you can find satisfied client reviews on our website and Trustpilot account.

3. Thriving Website and Social Media Presence

Unlike other cheap resume writing services providers, we put first your user experience as we work on our online presence. Aside from modern design, we also take into account the response speed and performance of our website and social media accounts.

4. Free e-Book and Other Writing Services

Aside from affordable resume writing services, we also provide federal, LinkedIn, and CV writing services. Our expert career coaches have also compiled the best job hunting tactics for your resume to pass the applicant tracking system (ATS). Just subscribe to our newsletter to download our e-book for free.

5. Resume Examples

If seeing is believing is your motto, then these resume examples might help convince you to trust us. Apart from career fields, we also consider our clients’ career levels to address their unique job search needs. Each of our samples is made for a specific job post from the top industries to which we cater.

6. Contact Details

Are you still in doubt about us? Here’s how to contact us. Our agents will be more than happy to assist and answer your questions about us and our affordable resume service.

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Job Search Tips to Boost Your Hiring Chances

Got some free time at home due to lockdown? Make this time productive and worthwhile by following these job search tips.

1. Clean, update, and build your online network.

With work rapidly shifting online due to the COVID-19 pandemic, active networking through social media has become a vital part of the job market. Most hirers also conduct background checks online. To ensure yours is neat and pro-looking, make the most of your downtime. Update your LinkedIn profile and clean your social media accounts. Find your niche, engage with industry pros, and if possible, pay what you learn forward.

2. Narrow down and focus on fields that are hiring.

While some have no choice but to close their businesses, some industries haven’t been hit as hard by the pandemic as others. If you’re able and qualified, consider checking out jobs related to customer service, warehouse, courier, accounting, and healthcare which are all still in demand.

3. Follow up, but not too much.

While it is crucial to follow up on your application, doing this more than twice a week would be too much. Amid the worldwide chaos, the hiring staff may be swamped with other tasks or are working with a limited workforce.

Even if this COVID-19 has made the already-hard job search even harder, never lose hope of getting your dream job. Continue your search with the help of the best resume writing services and job search tips from Resume Professional Writers.

Please stay safe and healthy while we wait for this chaos to end!

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