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Electricity changed the world in many ways. This energy was a key factor behind astounding works during the Second Industrial Revolution. Since then, our way of living has changed. We can now have cooler summer days and warmer winter nights with our AC systems. Without electricity, devices such as phones, television, and radio will become useless. Hence, it has made industrialization possible.

With the current progress in science, electrical engineering is one field to watch out for. Know more about this career and know how you could land this job spot through our electrical engineer resume example and resume writing tips.

What Do Electrical Engineers Do?

Did you ever wonder how you could recharge your gadgets after its power die? Surely, a skilled electrical engineer knows it. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics says the tasks of electrical engineering jobs include designing, developing, testing, and supervising the manufacture of electrical equipment. From the biggest generators to the smallest microchip, all these are works of an electrical engineer.

With countless progress linked to this field, many job seekers aim this thriving career. Since most firms today rely on this energy, this job post remains in demand. Many of them work in the research area and service fields. In fact, BLS projected a job outlook of 2% from 2018 to 2028.

Now, are you interested to enter this career? Then, here are the things you must know before drafting your electrical engineer resume.

What are the Core Duties of Electrical Engineers?

This career field is divided into a wide range of branches. Thus, it’s hard to infer a specific set of tasks for each area. However, there are core duties present in all branches. Learn more about their core duties with our list below.

  • Design new ways to improve products
  • Direct the overall production
  • Ensure that products meet guidelines and codes
  • Explore client complaints and suggest solutions
  • Coordinate with other teams
  • Write and file reports for future studies

Above is a list of their common duties. Surely, there will be more tasks given to senior experts. However, this can be your guide in writing an optimized resume.

Electrical Engineer At Work
Electrical Engineer Resume Example 1

What Skills Do Electrical Engineers Need?

Aside from profile and work history, hiring managers also value one’s skills. Hence, improve your resume with these electrical engineer skills

  • Technical skills. It will be helpful to list all the software types you know and use. For instance, most firms today look for someone who can use CAD systems. Thus, it can be your edge among other job seekers to list this specific skill.
  • Critical thinking skills. Since these experts will suggest solutions for issues, it is crucial to have this skill in mind. You must be quick in thinking answers and be willing to open your mind for more knowledge.
  • Math skills. This career dwells on numbers. Each task consists of equations. Hence, if you provide wrong input in a certain area, then expect that the whole system or project will fail.
  • Writing skills. Aside from math skills, experts in this area must also possess adept writing skills. Part of their core duty is to write reports for future studies. So, they must have expounded word stock for this.
  • People Skills. Experts must be able to talk and listen to their peers to create sound plans and solutions. It is vital to have this skill, especially during team efforts.

These skills should serve as integral components of a job-winning electrical engineer resume example.

How Do I Write a Resume for an Electrical Engineer?

Now that you have an idea about the core duties and vital skills for this job post, it is now time to draft your resume. Heed these tips to make a top-notch resume.

First, you must know how to quantify your achievements. Including numbers to denote your feats will make your resume more powerful. Thus, hiring managers will have a firm grasp of your successes, leaving them more impressed.

Second, include relevant keywords in your resume. Optimize your resume for the applicant tracking system or ATS. Most firms today use ATS to screen hundreds of resumes. Learn more about ATS through our career help blog.

Last, use action verbs. Using strong action verbs in your resume will give your copy more impact. Likewise, it will help the hiring managers get a better grasp of your previous roles.

Electrical Engineer Resume Example

Looking for an entry-level electrical engineer resume guide? Need help in drafting your senior electrical engineer resume? Here’s an electrical engineer resume example to guide you:

Page 1 Of An Electrical Engineer Resume Example Prepared By Resume Professional Writers
Page 2 Of An Electrical Engineer Resume Example Prepared By Resume Professional Writers

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