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Do you feel you’re capable of doing more than your assigned accounting tasks? Have you also steadily put all your hard work and talent to your current job in this field? Despite this, do you still feel stuck at your current role? In this case, you’re ready to move up the ladder of your accounting career. To do this, you have to be equipped with your latest chief accounting resume. Let us guide you in writing the perfect resume that hirers cannot reject. Review our chief accounting officer resume example and helpful resume writing tips below.

What is a Chief Accounting Officer?

A chief accounting officer (CAO) or controller is the highest position in the admin team. Likewise, a CAO is in charge of overseeing the daily accounting tasks. The controller has the final duties for bookkeeping, rule compliance, and other core tasks. For small firms, a CAO does all the accounting jobs. On the other hand, a CAO can serve as the manager for large firms.

What are the Tasks of a Chief Accounting Officer?

Do you know your duties as a controller? You need to be ready to monitor and manage core tasks and do routine accounting jobs daily. Here’s a list of an accounts officer’s responsibilities:

  1. Handle payable and receivable accounts
  2. Manage payroll of employees
  3. Record company data
  4. Make income statements and balance sheets
  5. Document fraud or abuse of company assets
  6. Oversee periodic audits
  7. Provide the needed data to help complete the overall budget (production, sales or capital costs)
  8. Track company’s cash flow
  9. Prepare info for the company to secure loans

The duties and responsibilities listed above should comprise a well-written and job-winning chief accounting officer resume example.

How Do You Become a Chief Accounting Officer?

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts a 6% job growth for accountants and auditors from 2018 to 2028. With a pay of $70,500 per year and $33.98 per hour, hirers will want a worker who can perform the job better than anyone else.

Most employers require a controller hopeful to have at least a bachelor’s degree in accounting or a related field. A degree in business might also help you get the job, along with other credentials such as a certified public accountant (CPA).

Below are other certifications that might also help you gain an edge over your rivals:

  1. Certified Management Accountant
  2. Chartered Financial Analyst
  3. Certified Internal Auditor
  4. Certified Government Financial Manager

Other than your school requirements, upgrading your accountant resume is a must. Doing so will make you appear more suitable for the job. In this cutthroat competition you’re going to face, you have to arm yourself with the main ticket that can snag you the job. So turn your resume into a power tool just like our chief accounting resume examples below.

A Female Accountant Viewing A Chief Accounting Officer Resume Example On Her Laptop
Chief Accounting Officer Resume Example 1

What are the Key Skills of a Chief Accounting Officer?

A CAO has one of the major roles in the firm. That’s why recruiters look for the best candidate. Further, CAOs have the duty of keeping the firm financially healthy. Thus, we’ve listed the skills needed to help you become a CAO.

  1. Bookkeeping and budgeting
  2. Written and oral communication skills
  3. Financial and analytical abilities
  4. Business acumen
  5. Teamwork
  6. Problem-solving and decision-making skills
  7. Organizational and interpersonal skills

Chief Accounting Officer Resume Example

Now that you know the nitty-gritty of your dream job, it’s time to write your resume. But how will you include all these to best benefit you? Review our chief accounting resume example below and use it as a guide!

Chief Accounting Officer Resume Example Page One
Chief Accounting Officer Resume Example 2
Chief Accounting Officer Resume Example Page Two
Chief Accounting Officer Resume Example 3

Chief Accounting Resume Writing Tips

Like the chief accounting officer resume example above, an excellent resume will set you apart from your rivals. Further, it will help you get your dream job faster than you think! So, help your recruiters see the gains of hiring you instead of someone else. With that, here are some sure-fire resume writing tips for you!

1. Include a winning resume summary.

A professional profile will help you tell the hiring managers the value you’ll bring to the team. Doing so will also make your resume ATS-friendly. Start by writing your education, skills, and credentials based on your target company’s values and needs.

As you can see in the resume sample above, Amy highlights her leadership skills in the Qualifications Profile. She also mentioned her expertise in the accounting industry (e.g., SEC and GAAP).

2. Write your most relevant info.

Trust us when we say you have to trim your resume down. Use your resume to tell the recruiters what they want to know about you, rather than what you want to tell them. Keep your resume clean and simple so you can make your relevant skills shine instead.

In the sample, Amy lists her industry-related experiences in the work history section. Here, she clearly shows her career trajectory and goals through the Education and Credentials section.

3. Include industry keywords.

The goal of your resume is for you to get noticed by your recruiters. But if your resume doesn’t even get past your target company’s ATS, it will surely end up in the rejected pile.

Amy sprinkles her resume with power words in the Areas of Expertise section.

Now, are you ready to land this promising job? Getting a position in the accounting field will be much easier if you’re equipped with a well-written controller resume. Do you need a guide in writing your job search tool? Review and use our chief accounting officer resume example. Likewise, we can help you level up your job hunt. Let us help you reach your goals by hiring any of our resume writing services now!

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