Here’s How You Can Pass the Applicant Tracking System

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Even in today’s low unemployment rate, do you still find it hard to apply for a job? If you do, it’s not because your resume is worthless. Today, most companies use rather a new machine for weeding out candidates going by the name applicant tracking system or ATS. Did you know you have a secret weapon to launch a counterattack? Fret no more. Resume writing services and an ATS resume got your back!

So, how to beat applicant tracking system? Know it first. Make your way around it by knowing how ATS works, how you can write an ATS-friendly resume, and even the perfect resume format for applicant tracking system.

What is an ATS? The Applicant Tracking System Explained

Unlike most people are talking about, the applicant tracking system or ATS is not a machine. It’s a type of software that helps recruiters to ease the hiring process. Basically, it collects, sort, and scan the resumes we upload online.

There are lots of blogs that’ll teach you on how to get past the applicant tracking system. However, to beat the ATS, you need a professional help. So, if you don’t know what is the best ATS resume format and ATS words for resume, seek help.

ATS Resume Writing Services: Reasons I Use Them to Beat the ATS

You can search for self-help articles on how your resume can get past an applicant tracking system. But won’t you gain more confidence if a certified resume writer crafts your resume? If I were you, these will be my reasons for hiring a professional resume writer:

1. It’s hard to translate my experience into an ATS-friendly format.

Sometimes, job applications don’t fit the requirements of an applicant tracking system. What are the chances your resume will reach hiring managers? It may be slim to none. Workers from the oil and gas industry have gone through such a challenge. So, how can you win the said challenge?

Here’s where resume writing services come to the rescue. Tell your experience, so the writer can create a resume that’s ATS-ready without missing a detail. They know the best resume format to beat ATS while keeping it attractive to the human eye.

Try using this style: select a verb that can describe the best part in your career well. For a good measure, include a fact or a figure that resulted from your work. See if yours will make the cut.

2. I don’t know how the ATS works.

Not everyone can be techie, working down the hall. You may know how an ATS works, or even how you can work around it. But if your skills lie elsewhere and you want to advance in your career, it’s better to have your resume professionally written.

If you’re still skeptical about it, here’s an idea to convince you. Professional writers must keep up with hiring norms. They know how candidate filtering happens and resume parsing occurs. Most even know which words will make your resume not only beat the ATS but also reach the final round. They can help you, but only if you let them.

It helps to remember that the ATS is a battle of keywords. You must find out which keywords are best to put in your resume. When you use resume writing services, the writer will use the keywords you must put in your resume to have the greatest chance to snag the job. Here’s a hint: you can find these words in the job listing itself.

3. I’m not sure what resume format and layout the ATS will parse.

Let’s be honest. Are you guilty of sending the same resume to various firms in the past? Don’t worry. It’s a common mistake. But to ascend the career ladder, you must use the right resume format. Do you have any idea what format fits your dream job? If you don’t, resume writing services has your back.

Do you wish to have a career in modeling or to work for the federal government? Enlist the help of certified resume writers. They know the format you must use based on your field. Be careful though. In professional resume writing, you must also mind its layout and file type. To make it please both bot and human eyes, simplicity is the key. Don’t add charts and graphs. Avoid using headers and footers, too. Likewise, save your file as a Word document because ATS doesn’t always recognize a PDF file.

4. My resume needs special attention.

Been asking yourself, “Is my resume ATS-friendly?” or “Do I really need an ATS online resume to get hired?”. 

Do you have employment gaps in your resume? Do you see yourself in a different career? Is your record as a “Spelling Bee Champ” back in fifth grade still part of your resume? It might not seem a good idea. If your resume has special considerations, it will help a lot if you hire the help of professional resume writers. Not only will they help you fix your resume to beat ATS scans, you’ll also get tips on how to explain your unusual situation in job interviews.

Don’t know how to sort out your hard and soft skills? Resume writing services can help you create a qualifications profile. Not only will you hit the buzzwords the ATS is looking for, you can also impress hiring managers in six seconds.

A Pile Of Books About The Resume Fonts You Can Use In Writing Ats Resume
Calibri or Times New Roman? Resume writing services such as Resume Professional Writers choose fonts that will make your tool ATS-readable.

Now that you know why it’s important to have your copy professionally done, you must not just hire any resume writer. Get help from resume professional writers. You need not go far. Get in touch with us with our professionals today!

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