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Are you looking for a managerial job in your field but are doubtful you can’t find one? Worry no more and pursue your job quest now because many vacant posts await candidates. In fact, the Bureau of Labor Statistics or BLS projects an 8% employment growth in management jobs between 2016 and 2026. During this period, the market has an extra 807,300 jobs to fill.

Well, that’s a huge opportunity to grab. So, strike while the iron is hot! But even with the higher chance of landing a job, however, expect a tighter competition in the labor market. Hence, arm yourself with a manager resume that will compel hirers to see your worth as the fittest candidate. To help ease the daunting job-hunting process, we offer regional manager resume example and tips on what to do in writing your piece.

On Growing Your Management Career

Job-seeking managers and entry-level applicants pursuing management posts face a tough challenge. Those seeking a regional manager post face greater challenge because it entails working for large firms; thus, overseeing multiple chains or units.

How do you become a regional manager? Does holding the job offer a bright future?

How will you qualify?

To start a career in this field you must hold at least a bachelor’s degree in business management or in a related course. A master’s degree in management is also a plus factor. Yet, significant work experience weighs greater than education. Therefore, seasoned pros with 10 years of experience or over are more likely to land the job.

Since this occupation may require working in various places, you must be open to moving or travelling to different cities or states.
As regards skills, it pays to master the basics: how to communicate, decide, lead, motivate, plan, and solve problems. Despite having to sit often while on duty as a regional manager, you work in stressful conditions.

How much is the regional manager salary?

Based on data from Glassdoor, the average regional managers pay in the country is $90,046 per year. Another source, Zippia, lists the post’s annual median salary as $107,609.

Where will the job lead you?

To debunk a common belief, a regional manager doesn’t always work in the sales industry. Although this post often falls in this field, it also relates with other industries such as banking, logistics, warehousing, and more. For more work opportunities, you may browse job sites such as Indeed, Glassdoor, and Simply Hired.

How Does a Regional Manager Resume Example Look Like

To show how we craft a resume targeted for this job, check our regional manager resume example below.

Page 1 Of A Regional Manager Resume Example Prepared By Resume Professional Writers
Page 2 Of A Regional Manager Resume Example Prepared By Resume Professional Writers

Tips to Heed

Your resume speaks of you as a job hopeful and tells what you can offer to help a company reach its goals. It can make or break your job search. Besides, you want your piece to serve its purpose—to win job interview invites. Here are a few useful tips to make it happen.

1. Tailor your resume to your target job.

If you want to be the regional manager of a certain firm, express it in your resume. Add a career tag at the top portion, just below your name and contact details. If you’re unsure about any of the exact regional manager job titles, write your focus or interest.

2. Include “your” keywords.

Each applicant has his own set of keywords, depending on his industry and area of expertise. Here’s a good way to optimize your resume for both off and online reading. The regional manager resume example above made use of keywords throughout the work history, which helped emphasize the skills Jason Brown possesses and how he was able to apply them in each of his job tenures.

Similarly, add industry-relevant words because hiring managers and applicant tracking systems or ATSs look for them as they scan your resume.

3. List and stress your management skills.

Reserve a section for your skills or core competencies. You can list them by using a table, bullets, or separators between the items. Further, you can mention your management skills in the experience section. Just use strong action words to highlight them.

4. Flaunt your accomplishments.

With your intent to fill a high-level post, you imply you have a record of achievements. So, use figures and stats to quantify how your actions helped a company succeed. Highlight this portion and label it “Notable Accomplishments.”

5. Don’t forget to include a cover letter.

One good way to boost your chances for employment is by writing and sending a cover letter. Make sure it doesn’t repeat what you already included in your resume. On the letter, you can introduce yourself and tell why you want the job and why you qualify for it. Write it well, so it can draw attention and motivate your future boss.

6. Double check your work for accuracy.

After writing your job-hunting tool, check your output’s tone and layout, and the accuracy of each detail. Don’t disappoint the hiring manager with a single typo or grammar error. If possible, ask someone to critique and proofread your resume, so you can improve it further.

For more sample works other than the regional manager resume example, check our website. If you need the help of an expert writer, call us at 1 (877) 285-5492. We’ll assess your needs and qualifications to give you the best resume writing service and a successful career in management.

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