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A woman who used tutor resume examples teaching a girl using her laptop

Since tutoring is a great way to impart knowledge and to earn money, many job hunters aim to enter this career. In fact, the Bureau of Labor Statistics projected a 4% growth in the teacher assistant jobs from 2018 to 2028. With a median annual wage of $26,970, think of it as a great source of income and a career path for you. Since you’ll need proven-effective tutor resume example to craft a powerful resume and land this job, we have ready for you.

Teaching is a broad page, so you must define the type of tutor resume you need. Whether you’re looking for an English tutor resume sample or trying to write a college tutor resume, we can help you!

With only 6 seconds to sway any hiring manager, how will you position your tutor skills list? How do you write a resume for a teacher with no experience? What keywords for tutoring resume should you use? From a computer tutor resume to a grade school tutor resume, we’ll show you the right way to craft your tool.

Resume Professional Writers has helped thousands of job hunters land lucrative careers. Hence, no need to worry about having a generic, undefined, and lame resume. Check out our sample below and see how the best tutor resume looks like.

 Professional Tutor Resume Example

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Tutor Resume Example 1
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3 Resume Skills to Include in Your Tutor Resume

We know how tempting it is to include all your skills and qualifications into a two-page resume. However, this won’t help you get ahead of your rivals. An employer will surely get bored scanning through your resume blasted with unrelated skills. If you’re applying for any job, it is important to pick the skills that only match the job post.

Most hiring managers look for tutors with subject knowledge. But more than that, they need tutors who are adaptable, professional, and efficient. If you’re looking for tutor gigs, packing your resume with these skills will boost your hiring chances. Hence, in writing your resume, you should include the following skills.


Since you’ll work with different types of learners, your teaching methods must adapt. Whether you’re going to handle kids or adults, you must know how to adjust in every case. Learners are unique and you must have a flexible yet effective teaching method. So, if you can handle various types of learners with ease, make sure your resume shows it.

Based on our sample above, Amy highlights this skill by listing Needs Assessment and Subject Tutoring in the Areas of Expertise section. This resume section is located just below the job title.


Dealing with different types of learners is a challenge. Since not all tutors can share their knowledge effectively, they attend training and seminars. If  you have sets of certifications that support your expertise, follow how Amy presents them in her resume.

As you can see on the tutor resume example above, Amy devoted a section called Professional Development. Here, she listed short courses and training she attended. Do this and you’ll surely impress the hiring managers.


It’s easy to say that you’re an efficient tutor. However, you need to chop it down to convince your employer. Show your efficiency by stating your teaching skills and your ability to set a learning environment.

For instance, Amy’s Qualifications Profile her capacity to facilitate laboratory and interactive field activities and events. As you can see on her resume, she even listed her Technical Skills to justify her efficiency.

4 Resume Writing Tips from Our Tutor Resume Example

1. Tailor your resume to your target job.

A one-size-fits-all type of resume won’t help you get your dream job. Tailor your resume to your target job and match with the job qualification. Use our tutor resume example to help you write a tailored resume.

2. Choose the right keywords for the applicant tracking system (ATS).

Professional resume writing is how you play with your words right. Use words that please both the ATS and the human eyes. Picking the right keywords will take you a step closer to your dream job.

3. Cut your tutor resume into sections.

Avoid chunky and hard-to-read resume. Use resume sections to highlight your details and guide the hiring manager to know you better. Besides, no one wants a heavy-worded resume. Keep your resume concise and easy to scan.

4. Proofread your resume.

Ask a friend or a family member to scan your resume for errors. Make changes if needed and be open to criticism. A small mistake can kill your interview chances in just a snap. Thus, ask other people to help you proofread your work.

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