Medical Assistant Resume: Writing Tips and Example to Ace Job Application

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Preventive medical services continue to be in high demand today, especially when everyone’s health is a major concern. Hence, most physician offices, hospitals, and other healthcare institutions require administrative and clinical assistance. Medical assistants can help with this.

It is a vital aspect of any medical facility to keep it operating smoothly by having medical assistants help out wherever and whenever they are needed the most; even if that means they have to handle many tasks at the same time. That way, clinics and physicians stay on top of their schedule and prevent patients from waiting for a long time. Nonetheless, in order to have a successful medical assistant profession, you must have the necessary tools, beginning with your medical assistant resume, to ace the hiring process.

What is a Medical Assistant?

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment of medical assistants is expected to grow 18 percent between 2020 and 2030, substantially faster than the national average for all occupations.

So what does a medical assistant do? Medical assistants help doctors in providing different health services to patients. Their duties often include both medical and administrative duties. Medical assistants are most commonly found in outpatient care centers or medical offices, and their responsibilities vary according to the practice’s location, specialty, and size.

Medical assistants also collect and record patients’ personal information, and are entrusted to keep such details private and only discuss them with medical staff involved in the patient’s care. They must also become familiar with the electronic health records (EHRs) software used in the workplace.

What are the Duties of a Medical Assistant?

As mentioned earlier, medical assistant duties vary with the location, specialty, and size. The duties they typically do involve the following:

  • Keep a record of the patient’s history and personal details
  • Measure vital indicators like blood pressure
  • Assist doctors with patient examinations
  • Give injections or medications to patients as instructed by their doctors or physicians and as authorized by state law
  • Handle scheduling of patient appointments
  • Collect blood samples for laboratory testing
  • Enter patient data into medical records or EHRs and update them
  • Complete insurance paperwork
  • Bookkeeping and billing
  • Changing dressings and wound care
  • Explaining treatments to patients
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Medical Assistant Resume: Writing Tips and Example to Ace Job Application 1

How Do You Become a Medical Assistant?

To be successful as a medical assistant, the following traits are required:

  • Graduate from postsecondary education programs
  • Certificate or diploma from community colleges, vocational schools, technical schools, and universities for completing 1-year or 2-year programs that lead to an associate’s degree.
  • High school students interested in a career as a medical assistant should take courses in biology, chemistry, and anatomy, and possibly business and computers.
  • Administrative, clinical, and externship training.
  • Certificate from taking the Certified Medical Assistant (CMA) Exam and the Registered Medical Assistant (RMA) Exam.
  • Special training before giving injections or medication.

Expert Tip:

If you have the above-mentioned qualities or requirements, it is best to highlight them on your medical assistant resume, especially if they are listed in the job posting.

What to Include on Your Medical Assistant Resume

Start with your job search tool first if you wish to advance your career as a medical assistant. With your medical assistant resume, you will be able to take the next step in achieving this goal. Continue reading to find out what information you should include on your resume.

Contact Information

In the header of your medical assistant resume, put your name, postal address, email address, and phone number. You may also provide your LinkedIn profile URL in this section.

Specific Job Target

It’s also known as a “career tag” since it informs hiring managers and recruiters about the sort of work you’re looking for.

Qualifications Profile / Summary of Qualifications

Writing a resume summary boosts your chances of landing an interview. Describe your relevant experience, abilities, and accomplishments in this section. Explain your qualifications for the position in 3 to 5 statements and urge the recruiting manager to study your entire resume.

Expert Tip:

When creating your summary, avoid using resume objective type statements. Instead, utilize compelling titles and headlines to pique the hiring manager’s interest.

Medical Assistant Skills

Include medical assistant-related soft and hard skills when adding professional skills to your medical assistant resume such as, accountability, adaptability, analytical, detail-oriented, following protocols, interpersonal, organizational, technical, and time management skills. In the job requirements section of the post, highlight the requirements they are looking for.

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Work Experience

This is the section where you list your previous jobs. Indicate your duties, contributions, and resulting achievements. Demonstrate how well you handled previous obligations. Give them actual successes in the form of statistics or percentages rather than vague phrases.


Begin by listing your most recent and highest degree, before listing all of your previous degrees in reverse chronological order. Make a note of your degree, the name of your school, location, and inclusive dates. You might also discuss the courses you’ve taken up that are relevant to your medical assistance job.

Training, Certifications, and Licenses

Listing your training experience, certificates, and licenses on your medical assistant resume is one way to impress hiring managers, since it indicates that you are a worthwhile and relevant hire. Similarly to the education section, provide your qualifications and licenses in reverse chronological order. You can leave the training experience until the end part.

Optional and Possible Information to Include on Medical Assistant Resume

Include some extra parts to distinguish yourself from other applicants. Knowledge of basic medical procedures is a good addition to the medical assistant resume.

How to Write Your Medical Assistant Resume

1. Apply simple yet attractive design and layout.

Decorating your medical assistant resume with too many designs and fancy font styles may reduce your chances of being included in the pile of accepted applications. To secure a job interview, a basic yet appealing style and layout, as well as an easy-to-read resume, will suffice.

2. Choose the best resume format.

Choose the best resume format for your experience, credentials, abilities, and expertise while constructing your resume. Choose the chronological format if you already have a lot of experience in the industry. Other forms, on the other hand, may be used to better demonstrate what you can bring to their company.

3. Highlight your medical assistant skills.

To outmatch other candidates, establish that you are the best candidate by including remarkable medical assistant skills in your resume. Your analytical, detail-oriented, interpersonal, organizational, technical, and time management skills should be highlighted.

4. Include medical assistant resume keywords.

Employers can immediately assess if you are a good fit for the post by using resume keywords. In fact, you should incorporate these keywords throughout your medical assistant resume, not only in the skills section. Moreover, using these resume keywords will help you pass applicant tracking systems. For this reason, search for ways to include key terms throughout your resume.

Expert Tip:

Job-related or industry-specific words and phrases found in job ads are used as resume keywords. Thus, ensure that your job search tool corresponds to the job post.

5. Use concrete data and examples.

When presenting your job descriptions and accomplishments, using figures and examples rather than just writing facts is more preferred. These aspects will help you stand out from the crowd of job seekers.

6. Proofread your resume as many times as you can.

When you’ve finished writing your medical assistant resume, double-check it then reread it a few more times. This will help you examine, recognize, and correct mistakes such as grammar and punctuation. Furthermore, maintaining your resume error-free may improve your odds of landing a job interview.

Medical Assistant Resume Example

An example of a medical assistant resume is provided below to give you an idea of how an impressive resume should look.

Page 1 Of Medical Assistant Resume Example Written By Resume Professional Writers
Medical Assistant Resume: Writing Tips and Example to Ace Job Application 2
Page 2 Of Medical Assistant Resume Example Prepared By Resume Professional Writers
Medical Assistant Resume: Writing Tips and Example to Ace Job Application 3

Note: For more ideas, browse through our healthcare resume examples.

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