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Firms need to improve their strategies to keep up with changing business trends. In order to refocus their gears, they must have a solid data of their previous gains and losses. However, recording and managing these set of data might be a tedious job. Thus, big firms need to have someone to keep track of these vital information. This is why firms began to hire bookkeepers to serve as their experts in data entry and analysis. Are you currently in the hunt for the same job post? Check our bookkeeper resume example and win a spot in this thriving career today!

What is a Bookkeeper?

Bookkeepers are in charge of keeping a firm’s financial records. They track revenues, expenses, and other assets of the entity. Specifically, they log these details, which help firms get a clearer picture of their financial standing. Bookkeepers also provide insights about the overall business health status. In return, these inputs will help the leaders create better plans for the firm.

The US Bureau of Labor and Statistics says the median pay for bookkeeping and other similar jobs was $40,240 in May 2018. However, this could vary depending on the amount of work or the firm itself. Aside from a good pay, this career also gives job seekers many workplace options. They can work in private companies and organizations.

Bookkeeping has also adapted to changes, establishing a strong foothold in the age of the internet. With the advent of the virtual arena, virtual bookkeeping started and remains to flourish until now. As a result, this career continues to thrive even in the modern day. If you wish to join this field, our bookkeeper resume example, along with practical resume writing tips, can serve as your handy guide.

What are the Duties of a Bookkeeper?

To create a strong bookkeeper resume, one must know the major roles involved in this job post. These responsibilities must be included in a bookkeeper resume example.

That said, here are common bookkeeper duties and responsibilities to help you draft your resume.

  • Accept and record cash, checks, and vouchers
  • Issue client invoices
  • Create financial reports
  • Audit financial records
  • Assess report errors
  • Prepare documents for filing of business taxes
  • Process payroll

Above is a list of their core tasks and job function. However, some firms or job posts may require more depending on their field of expertise. Nonetheless, these will be able to help you draft your bookkeeper CV and resume.

What are the Skills of a Bookkeeper?

Aside from learning the major tasks involved in this job post, it is also important to acquire the following skills set. These will help you write a focused bookkeeper resume objective to impress your hiring managers. Read on the list below to know more:

Data Entry. Experts in this area must have a keen eye in detecting errors. Since they are encoding financial records, errors must be strictly avoided. Thus, a bookkeeper must be able to enter data accurately.

Technical Acumen. Since many firms now use automated data filing, experts in this field must also be adept in basic financial software. If not, there are training and free courses one can attend in order to enhance their skills in this area.

Data Management. Managing thousands of data is a strenuous task. Hence, it is crucial to organize records and reports for easier access. Likewise, this skill will help you complete your task efficiently.

Analytical Thinking. Bookkeepers help in creating sound financial decisions through data reports. They provide data that are salient in improving the cash flow. In turn, they help the leaders create better plans and policies.

Interpersonal Relationship. Experts in this job might need to work in teams. Thus, having good people skills will help you get the job faster.

These skills mentioned above comprise key details you should see in a well-written bookkeeper resume example.

How Do I Write a Resume for a Bookkeeper?

Here are bookkeeper resume writing tips to help you impress your hiring managers and get the job in no time!

First, you must know how to highlight your skills. Since most hiring managers scan a handful of resumes each day, you must know how to impress them within a few seconds. List down notable skills and optimize your copy with keywords.

Second, include training and certifications in your copy. Apart from courses related to accounting, there are trainings that a bookkeeper needs to attend. Writing these in your resume will give you more credits and edge among others.

Last, check for the best bookkeeper resume example online to help you write your own copy. For instance, searching for entry-level bookkeeper resume sample will give you an idea how to enter the workforce and provide immediate contributions to the job.

Bookkeeper Resume Example

Now that you have read our tips, it is time to put those ideas into paper. See our sample resume for bookkeeping clerk to know more.

Bookkeeper Resume Example
Bookkeeper Resume Example 1

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