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Your ambition to become a flight attendant may be compared to a flying aircraft: The higher it soars, the harder it is for you to reach. But one thing is for sure—your goal is attainable. No altitude is too high if you are willing to take risks. If you think you qualify for this post, you just have to write a good summary to stand out as the most qualified candidate. Now, to help ease your job search, you might want to see one of our flight attendant resume example and other industry data.

What You Need to Know About the Flight Attendant Job Post

Why should you pursue this post?

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) projects a good job outlook for flight attendants. In fact, it says it will have 10% employment growth from 2018 to 2028—faster than the average for all other jobs. Further, the agency gives you a glimpse of the current trend that would only excite you to look forward to the opportunities the industry is poised to offer. As airline firms embark on making larger planes to accommodate the growing number of passengers, they will need extra flight attendants or cabin crews to look after their customers’ safety and comfort.

How will you qualify?

  • Education and Training

A high school diploma may suffice for you to become a flight attendant as this post doesn’t typically require a bachelor’s degree. However, your hiring chances become high if you earned some college units, or studied in a flight attendant school. Before taking on the actual job, you need to complete an on-the-job training fully certified by the Federal Aviation Administration.

  • Required Skills and Qualities

As this post entails interaction with airline passengers coming from all walks of life across the world, you have to possess good communication and customer service skills. Likewise, innate people skills are a must to help you get along with all passengers and deal with any situation throughout the flight. To bolster your chances to land the job, you need to be flexible and attentive, have physical stamina, and be good at crisis management.

Does this post offer a bright future?

  • Pay and Benefits

Flight attendants’ median pay in May 2018 was $56,000 per year. Note that their working hours range from 125 to 150 hours per month, most of which being spent above ground. An average entry-level wage alone could amount to as much as $39,980, according to Zippia.

Apart from their salary, flights attendants receive allowance for accommodation and meals as they work away from home.

  • Job Opportunities

In 2018, there were 119,300 flight attendant jobs. BLS projects an additional 11,900 posts will be up for grabs until 2028. Zippia, on the other hand, made a list of the 10 best cities for flight attendants. In order, these cities are Miami, Houston, San Francisco, Cleveland, San Diego, Phoenix, Minneapolis, Denver, Orlando, and Chicago. The site also came up with a list of best states for flight attendants. Based on their ranking, the list was topped by Washington State, followed by Florida and Oregon.

How a Flight Attendant Resume Looks

Got what it takes to hold this job? Arm yourself with a strong profile. Here’s one of our flight attendant resume example to guide you through the writing process. Study how we crafted a resume for this entry-level job.

Flight Attendant Resume Example Page One
Flight Attendant Resume Example Page Two

How the Best Flight Attendant Resume Example Will Work for You

What makes our sample outputs stand out? How will they help you succeed in your quest? Read these pointers to serve as tips when you write your own application.

Career Tag

Cite the job post you intend to fill straight away! If you’re still unsure of this, you may just put your focus of interest.

Qualifications Profile

In three sentences, describe yourself and your value offer. Be sure to use strong yet precise adjectives when citing your strengths to downplay your lack of experience.

Relevant Experience

Since you’re new to the industry or have yet to acquire experience, you may just list down the tasks you performed as an intern. Notice how the writer focused on the skills the job seeker has honed over the years. Tip: fill this section with keywords.

Work History

List all the relevant posts you have held, if there are any. Cite all your tasks for all jobs, with strong action words to start each statement. Don’t forget to write your key achievements.


Include your college degree, the school where you earned it and its location, and the year you graduated. You may opt to list your GPA if it is high.


Flight attendants go through a series of training required to master their craft. Hence, allot a section so you can list professional development sessions you had that helped shape your skills.

Civic Involvement

Volunteer work and meaningful causes and campaigns matter. They can bolster your job search. Thus, if you have joined any, cite them on your resume as recruiters would love to see them.

Technical Skills

The fact that your target job requires certain programs, systems, and apps, you have to tell your technical savvy.

Can’t make your own piece despite looking for the best flight attendant resume example online? Seek the help of expert writers who know what looks good on a flight attendant resume. Don’t worry; we’ve got you! You may need to hire our resume writing services to have a job-winning resume. For more details, contact us at 1 (800) 845-0586.

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