Finance Director Resume: Example and Writing Tips to Get Job Interviews

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Are you the type of person who’s always in charge of planning and budgeting whenever you and your family or friends go on a trip? That is comparable to the function of the finance director. On a magnified scale, the finance director is in charge of the company’s financial operations. They are vital for an organization to function effectively and profitably by developing financial plans, making financial projections, and developing accounting guidelines.

As a finance director, if you believe you’re the best candidate for the job, make sure your resume matches your goals. To stand out from your competitors, have a job tool that highlights your credentials. In this article, we’ll go over some fundamental information about finance directors. Furthermore, we will present you with an effective finance director resume example written by our skilled finance director resume writers, as well as useful advice on how to create one that will help you secure job interviews.

What is a Finance Director?

Being a finance director is a pivotal role: You are in charge of the financial health of your organization while also serving as a member of the senior management team. You integrate operational and strategic responsibilities, supervise accounting and financial control activities, and create a financial strategy for the company’s long-term development. You must be adaptive and talented to perform the function in order to manage with a continually shifting set of circumstances in the business.

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment of finance directors is expected to increase by 17% between 2020 and 2030. This job is projected to have 64,200 opportunities every year during the next decade. Their role requires the hiring of someone who is trusted in the firm, so that managers would communicate difficulties rather than try to hide them.

What are the Duties of a Finance Director?

Aside from the responsibilities mentioned above, some of the most common duties of a finance director include the following:

  • Direct financial planning, strategy, and manage the company’s cash flow
  • Prepare monthly and annual financial statements for the firm
  • Oversee all accounting activity and set up internal and external audits to verify data accuracy
  • Collaborate with and advise the investment team on sound financial decisions in order to maximize earnings and reduce losses
  • Assist senior management with strategic financial planning for long-term growth
  • Analyze and evaluate financial data and communicate it to the board of directors and executive director through reports and presentations
  • Have a thorough awareness of, and adherence to, current economic and business laws and regulations
  • Manage and establish internal work processes for the finance department (including accounting and billing)
  • Manage any outside grants or funds

How Do You Become a Finance Director?

To be a suitable match and to fulfill such tasks properly, becoming a finance director requires the following qualifications:

  • Bachelor’s degree in finance, accounting, economics, business or a related major; an MBA or a Master’s in Finance is also advantageous
  • Good commercial and business awareness
  • At least 5 years in hands-on experience in a management or leadership role
  • Broad knowledge of accounting principles, proficient in accounting software, and computer literate
  • Knowledge of business processes and procedures, as well as a familiarity with business taxation and other associated legal matters
  • Credentials or certifications that demonstrate to employers that you are informed and committed to the field
  • Excellent communication, interpersonal, leadership, analytical, decision-making problem-solving, management, and math skills

Expert Tip:

If you have the above-mentioned qualities, it is best to highlight them on your finance director resume, especially if they are listed in the job posting.

Finance Director Discussing Company Growth Statistics
Finance Director Resume: Example and Writing Tips to Get Job Interviews 1

What to Include on Your Finance Director Resume

Are you in a transition period in your career where you are aiming for a higher position in the finance department? Or perhaps you’re planning to move to a different company and apply for the same role of finance director. In order to succeed in your next step, first start with your job search tool. Having a foolproof finance director resume is no easy feat to pull off. Read on to find out what information you should include on your resume.

Contact Information

Begin your finance director resume with your name, postal address, email address, and phone number in your header. You can also provide your LinkedIn profile URL, social media usernames, and online portfolio.

Specific Job Target

It’s also known as “career tag,” because it helps hiring managers and recruiters know what kind of job role you’re hoping for.

Qualifications Profile / Summary of Qualifications

Writing a resume summary improves the possibility of you landing an interview. Describe your relevant experience, capabilities, and accomplishments in this section. Explain your qualifications for the role in 3 to 5 statements and convince the recruiting manager to read your entire resume.

Expert Tip:

When creating your summary, avoid using resume objective type statements. Instead, utilize compelling titles and headlines to pique the hiring manager’s interest.

Finance Director Skills

When adding your professional skills to your finance director resume, include both finance director related soft and hard skills. Highlight skills that they are searching for in the job requirements portion of the post.

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Work Experience

This is the section where you list your previous jobs. Indicate your tasks, contributions, and the consequent successes. Demonstrate how well you managed previous duties in this section. Instead of general remarks, provide them with tangible achievements in the form of numbers or percentages.


Begin by stating your most recent and highest degree, before adding all other degrees in reverse chronological order. Make a note of the degree you’ve earned, the name of the school, the location, and the inclusive dates. You may also describe the courses you’ve taken that are related to your finance director employment.

Training, Certifications, and Licenses

One strategy to impress hiring managers is to list your training experience, certificates, and licenses on your finance director resume. It demonstrates that you are a relevant and valuable hire. Write out your qualifications and licenses in reverse-chronological sequence, much as the education section. You can leave the training experience until the end part.

Optional and Possible Information to Include on Your Finance Director Resume

Include some extra sections to set yourself apart from other applicants. Language proficiency, technical skills, professional affiliations, and volunteer experience are all excellent additions to a finance director resume.

Finance Director Discussing  Company Growth Statistics
Finance Director Resume: Example and Writing Tips to Get Job Interviews 2

How to Write Your Finance Director Resume

1. Apply simple yet attractive design and layout.

Always use a traditional, simple yet engaging style and layout for a finance director resume. Never use a creative resume for this type of work since it will reduce your chances of being considered for the next phase of screening.

2. Choose the best resume format.

When creating your resume, choose the suitable resume format for your experience, qualifications, abilities, and expertise. If you already have substantial experience in the sector, choose the chronological structure. Other formats, however, may be employed to better showcase what you can offer to their firm.

3. Highlight your finance director skills.

The competition for the position of finance director is strong. Therefore, to outperform other candidates, demonstrate that you are the greatest candidate by putting exceptional finance director skills in the resume section. Emphasize your communication, interpersonal, leadership, analytical, decision-making, problem-solving, management, and math skills.

4. Include finance director resume keywords.

Using resume keywords, employers can quickly determine if you are a suitable fit for the role. As a matter of fact, you should include these keywords not only in the skills section, but throughout your finance director resume. Furthermore, applying these resume keywords can assist you in passing the applicant tracking systems. As a result, look for opportunities to incorporate important keywords throughout your resume.

Expert Tip:

Job-related or industry-specific words and phrases found in job ads are used as resume keywords. Thus, ensure that your job search tool corresponds to the job post.

5. Use concrete data and examples.

Using figures and examples instead of just writing facts is considerably preferable when presenting your work descriptions and accomplishments. These elements will help you stand out from the group of job seekers.

6. Proofread your resume as many times as you can.

When you’ve completed writing your finance director resume, be sure to double-check it. Reread it several times. This will assist you in examining, recognizing, and correcting errors such as grammar and punctuation. Additionally, keeping your resume error-free may increase your probability of obtaining job interviews.

Finance Director Resume Example

Below is an example of a finance director resume to provide you an idea of how an impressive resume should appear.

Finance Director Resume Example Page One
Finance Director Resume: Example and Writing Tips to Get Job Interviews 3

Finance Director Resume Example Page One

Rpw Finance Director Resume Example 2
Finance Director Resume: Example and Writing Tips to Get Job Interviews 4

Finance Director Resume Example Page One

Note: For more ideas, browse through our finance resume examples.

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