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After years of working hard and gaining experience, you’re at last qualified for a senior level post within your firm. Don’t let this chance pass! Hence, if writing a resume will be a problem, our senior director resume example below, along with helpful resume writing tips, can help you ace this job search stage.

Your Future Career as a Senior Director

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) states the job outlook for top executives such as senior directors will grow by up to 8% from 2016 to 2026. As a matter of fact, it’s as fast as other jobs and adds about 193,100 new ones into the market. 

Senior Director Salary

As of June 18, 2019, the average pay for a senior director in the United States is $166,323 per year. To give you a sneak peek of how much you can earn as a senior director in other places, here are some pay estimates from

  • Bay Area senior director salary – $226,069 per year
  • Chicago senior director salary – $165,499 per year
  • Los Angeles senior director salary – $137,812 per year
  • Microsoft  senior director salary- $202,886 per year
  • Apple senior director salary – $131,607 per year
  • Non-profit senior director salary – $129,865 per year

What You Need to Start

Senior directors devise tactics to ensure that the firm meets its goals. In addition, they plan, direct, and manage people, projects, and resources. They may also work with various teams and firms.  

Although education differs by position and field, most senior directors have at least a bachelor’s degree and ample work experience.

Must-Have Skills

  • Communication
    Can talk well and clear. Must discuss issues, confer and direct with others, and explain their rules and stand to those within and outside the firm.
  • Decision-Making
    Must assess various options and choose the best course of action in managing the firm, often daily.
  • Leadership
    Can lead a firm by overseeing rules, people, and resources.
  • Management
    Must shape and direct the operations of a firm. Must manage business plans, workers, and budgets.
  • Problem-Solving
    Must detect and resolve issues within the firm and can spot faults and carry out solutions.
  • Time-Management
    Must do multiple tasks to ensure they finish their work and meet their goals.

Tips on How to Tailor Senior Director Resume Example

In fact, crafting a resume is tough work for some people in senior-level jobs. Aside from using the right keywords, format, layout, and tone, you must make your resume “executivey” enough. It’s not an easy task. But, if you’ll take on the challenge, here are a few tips on how you can use free senior director resume example as your guide.

  1. Alter your qualifications profile.

    FYI: the resume objective is dead and copying an executive summary from online samples and templates won’t be enough, especially if you’re a top-level executive. Thus, to impress and land that job, you must have a brief of your feats that places you as the most ideal candidate for the post. To do this, you must showcase your key qualifications specific to the target job. For instance, placing yourself as an expert in selling strategic solutions, operating global firms, and managing structural changes will help you become an ideal senior director for multinational firms.

  2. Show rather your impact.

    While it’s tempting to keep all the pleasing qualities written in your resume sample, you must focus more on stressing your business and financial impact. You can do this by showing figures and results. Further, you can create a “Key Highlights” subsection for each job you’ve held. Bold the most striking results, so your target readers will find them at once.

  3. Adjust the “areas of expertise” section further.

    Exert more effort in writing this section of your resume. Scrap vague and common words from your copy. Likewise, focus more on finding the right keywords that will pass most resume scanning software and speak of your “executiveness.”

These tips would help you create that job-winning senior director resume.

Senior Director Resume Example

Want to try writing your own resume? Check out our senior director resume example below and learn how you can use it as your guide.

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Senior Director Resume Example 2
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Senior Director Resume Example 3

What Makes Our Senior Director Resume Example Effective?

Most experts say a senior director resume should include sections such as those seen on our samples to help you win the position.

  1. Personal details, qualifications, areas of expertise, experience, and education that will flaunt your strengths as a senior director.
  2. Striking feats with values that will prove you can perform tasks and bring real results.
  3. Applicant tracking system or ATS-friendly simple resume with keywords that match the job post.
  4. One with a business tone and free from grammar and spelling errors, short cuts, and fancy fonts.
  5. Copy with steady layout and equipped with the duties and skills of an ideal top executive.

In fact, it’s fulfilling to write your own resume. But, if you lack time and need a well-written resume at once, Resume Professional Writers can help. Aside from senior director resume example, we offer various resume writing services, too, for your job search needs. Call us at 1 (877) 285-5492 to know more about our offers.

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