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Who is a research intern? Contrary to popular belief, both students and non-students who have yet to settle into a career, qualify for the label. Whether you’re the former or the latter, you can treat it as work experience. Hence, if you’re a job seeker in the research field, becoming a research intern is a good start. But creating your own resume could be tricky. Don’t worry; we at Resume Professional Writers have prepared a job-winning research intern resume example for you. Check it out below to help you with your job search today!

Creative Resume for Internship: Kick-Start Your Research Career

In July 2019, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that 61.8 percent of American youth aged 16 to 24 years old joined the summer workforce. Part of their temp jobs is internships. This is because more undergraduates today, regardless of pay, realize how vital an internship is when they plan their career. Do you want to join them?

Most young people work in leisure and hospitality, retail, education and health services. What do these industries have in common? They hire research interns! When you become an intern, not only will you get actual experience of the job, you’ll also receive sound career advice. Are you ready to reap the benefits? Let’s start by making your resume for a summer internship!

What to Look for in Research Intern Resume Examples

Before you look for research intern resume samples, check first your target job’s research intern job description. With this, you can assess if you have the skills and qualifications. Are you ready to put your research skills to the test? Where should you start? Find the answers in our research intern resume example below!

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Page 2 Of A Research Intern Resume Example Prepared By Resume Professional Writers

  • Resume Keywords

You must treat your internship as a full-time job. Hence, upon looking at the job post, determine which skills you have that matches what the position needs. Whatever you gather now serves as your bank of resume keywords. When you check various research intern resume samples, you will have an idea on how to phrase and insert these skills into the resume sections.

  • Qualifications Profile

With various research intern resume templates scattered over the Internet, you might get confused with this section. Some will urge you to use an internship resume objective. But our experts advise you to use qualifications profile instead. How are they different? When you say career objective, it is your personal target; something that you want to achieve as a job seeker. While a qualifications profile describes you as a job seeker and tells the hiring managers of your skills, what you can offer, and why you’re the best fit for the job.

  • Area of Expertise

Since research is a wide field, focus only on what you can cover as an intern. It also allows hiring managers to grasp what you’re capable of doing. Hence, list your abilities in this section and highlight the skills you know you excel at.

  • Education

Since most research interns are undergraduates, instead of a work experience part, have a well-written education section. This way, you can still paint yourself as the best candidate for the job. Display your GPA, list your relevant course work related to the job post, and your extracurricular deeds.

  • Research Experience

Do you know how to list your research experience on your resume? If not, our research intern resume example classifies research as part of your work experience. Hence, whether it was an earlier internship or a part-time job, it pays to highlight your research experience. List the company you worked for, the location, and the dates of your internship. Then, present your responsibilities and feats during your stint. Remember, write only those that relate to the job.


Why Consider Our Research Intern Resume Example

Why choose Resume Professional Writers as your partner to kick-start your career as a research intern? With almost two decades of professional resume writing services, we know how to cater to your needs. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a fresh graduate or a career shifter; we can tailor your resume beyond what the best research intern resume example can offer. Our writers are experts in different fields. That’s why when they study your resume, rest assured they understand the terms your resume has. They also ensure to include keywords that can help you get past applicant tracking systems, and eventually reach the hiring manager’s eyes. Plus, they can give you job search tips as they work on your resume.

Did our research intern resume example serve you well? Are you now confident in your own resume? Having second thoughts? Fear not. If you need help writing your resume, don’t hesitate to seek the help of our professional resume writers! As research enthusiasts, we understand if you want to confirm what we’re saying. No worries! Let our resume writing reviews convince you.

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