Director of Housekeeping Resume Example

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The hotel industry depends greatly on its housekeeping department. While it’s easy to say it only involves changing sheets and cleaning bathrooms, household management is the gear that keeps the lodging industry moving. This department oversees the cleanliness, maintenance, room service, and aesthetic look of the rooms. Given the growing number of travelers, the hotel and resort trade is on demand. So, if you’re planning to secure a job in this industry, you’re up for a tight race. Don’t worry, our director of housekeeping resume example can give you a step ahead. Review one below this page.

What does a director of housekeeping do?

As a housekeeping manager, you’re in charge of the overall cleanliness of the hotel, including rooms and public areas. Your main tasks include achieving customer satisfaction, attending to guest needs, and securing room safety. Further, you’re also responsible for cost control, training staff, empowering the team, planning room assignments and work schedules, and making sure the quality of service is met.

What are some housekeeping skills?

To gain a higher chance of landing a manager job in the hotel industry, acquire the needed executive housekeeper skills first. Your housekeeper resume should include your most relevant abilities and skills. Hence, hiring managers will know if you’re fit for the job. Below are the important housekeeping manager skills you must note:

  1. Excellent interpersonal and communication skills
  2. Strict attention to detail
  3. Outstanding problem-solving aptitude
  4. Strong organizational and time management skills
  5. Great knowledge of cleaning tools, usage, and procedures
  6. Independent and well motivated

What should I put on my resume for housekeeping?

If you’re writing a head housekeeper resume, tailor it to your target post and highlight your most useful skills. Along with your key strengths, it should also contain your areas of expertise and related skills. In addition, you can use our director of housekeeping resume example below as a guide.

Director of Housekeeping Resume Example

Director Of Housekeeping Resume Example Prepared By Resume Professional Writers

What are the housekeeping manager duties and responsibilities?

As per Appejay Institute of Hospitality, an executive housekeeper’s duties include these “Golden Rules”:

  1. Achieve the best odds of client comfort.
  2. Build a comforting atmosphere for quality service.
  3. Keep utmost standards of cleanliness and overall care for areas charged to the housekeeping department.
  4. Treat hotel guests as guests, and the hotel room as their own home.
  5. Ensure all needed safety rules meet the client’s comfort.
  6. Provide clean linens.
  7. Provide uniforms for staff.
  8. Cater to guests’ laundry requests and keep room décors to the best state.
  9. Align plans of repair to the rules set by the management and interior designers.
  10. Ensure a good working bond with other departments.

Now, how are you going to write all these and turn your resume as application tracking system or ATS-friendly as possible just like our director of housekeeping resume example? So, read these tips to know how.

5 Effective Tips on How to Write the Perfect Director of Housekeeping Resume

If you want your resume to stand out among hundreds of applicants sending their housekeeping resumes, know how to write a powerful piece yourself. Hence, here’s how you can catch the recruiter’s eye.

  1. Highlight achievements with the use of power verbs.

When writing your earlier work experience, focus on how you help solved problems in your former company. In addition, use power words such as “improved,’ “planned,” “built,” and “gained.” Power words are usually action verbs, which will give your resume the needed boost and help you get the job in a flash!

  1. Include the right skills.

This part confuses most people. So, what then are the right skills to include? It’s alright to think you should make your resume as impressive as possible. But listing all your skills may push most recruiters to ignore them. With this, focus on the skills needed for the job. Then, place them on your resume.

  1. Use an expertly designed layout.

As with a website, the first thing recruiters notice in a resume is its layout. If the overall look of your resume doesn’t leave a good impression, you may have already wasted your chance. Therefore, if you want to know what’s the right layout, let our director of housekeeping resume example guide you.

Housekeeper Cleaning The Floor

  1. Trim down your resume.

Keep the length of your resume in check. Make sure the words you’ll use are relevant. Likewise, remove unnecessary sections and keep your bullet points to six at the most. At the same time, keeping it clean and simple will make the recruiter focus more on its content.

  1. Put your key strengths at the top of your resume.

To pass the applicant tracking system (ATS), list your related skills at the top to increase the visibility of your keywords. Otherwise, if your resume doesn’t have a section containing your specific skills, they’ll end up unnoticed.

In fact, getting ahead of hundreds of applicants vying for the same position takes up more time and energy than you can expect. Yet if you follow these tips and use our director of housekeeping resume example as guide, you’ll surely snag that job!

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