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With a 9% hiring rate growth in the fields of education and training in the United States, many jobs will be available. In fact, the US Bureau of Labor Statistics projected there will be about 888,990 new jobs from 2019 to 2026. Thus, a growing need for the trade exists to meet the demand for new teachers. Here we have a faculty resume example to share with you.

Does it sound like a great chance to snag a noble career? Yes. Does it mean you’ll land a teaching job fast with less competition? No. 

Just like applying for other posts, you must stand out from among your rivals to land a teaching job. Everyone who aims to be a teacher went through the daunting path of studying, gaining skills, and passing tests and courses. Thus, all hirers know these details. To ace the race, you need a smart and strategic plan. How do you do it? Craft a resume that leaves a lasting mark. 

You’ll need a resume to show your teaching skills or to vie for a vacant post. We’ll give you tips on how to write an effective teacher resume. Plus, you’ll have access to a job-winning faculty resume example from Resume Professional Writers! 

Submitting a poorly written faculty resume kills your chance to outrival other job seekers. Thus, you must submit a resume that highlights your skills and qualifications. Unless you want to waste your only chance to impress the hiring team, craft your teacher resume like a pro. 

Faculty Resume Example: The Key to a Fruitful Teaching Career

Let’s say you’re an entry-level job seeker who wants to start a teaching career. Your resume, therefore, must have the targeted keywords and required skills to stand out. Plus, searching for a sample for teachers without experience will be helpful!

Otherwise, if you’re an experienced teacher, below is one of the best faculty resume examples Resume Professional Writers has crafted. It follows an impressive writing tone, layout, and format. Unlike any other teacher resume samples, you can rest easy knowing this resume sample converted jobs for its clients.

Faculty Resume Example Page 1
Faculty Resume Example 1
Faculty Resume Example Page 2
Faculty Resume Example 2

Why Does Our Faculty Resume Example Work?

For almost two decades of professional resume writing, it has become a go-to resume help for thousands of job seekers. Likewise, we know exactly what a winning faculty resume needs. We list here five of the most important sections your teacher resume must have. 

  • Qualifications Profile
  • Education/Certifications
  • Teaching Experience
  • Professional Experience
  • Awards and Honors

Three Effective Resume Writing Tips That Make Our Faculty Resume Example Work

  1. Pick the right info that goes into your resume.
    Remember, the era of tech advances has led to the rise of ATS. Thus, put keywords that increase your chances of getting the attention of both the machine and the hirer. Use bullets to identify your strengths and skills.
  2. Choose your action verbs wisely.
    Your resume should strike a positive impression. Likewise, it needs to tell what your duties are, how you did them, and how you delivered the results.
  3. Highlight the texts properly.
    Since hiring managers don’t have enough time to read your whole resume, they do scanning. Hence, highlighting the focal parts of your resume by bolding texts draws attention.

Teaching isn’t a simple career. So, you must learn how to show your value as the fitting candidate. Whether you’re aiming for a K-12 teacher, librarian, post-secondary teachers, coordinators, special education teacher, or instructional aide position, you need a powerful resume. Don’t lose the chance to let them see you’re fit for the job.

If you can’t write your own teacher resume to spark your dream career, Resume Professional Writers has got you covered! We have more than just an effective faculty resume example. We’ll give your resume the revamp it needs to draw potential employers. Hire our best resume writing services today!

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