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Job search is like a draft in sports—each job seeker aspires to become the first pick or at least get chosen to play on a team. As a job-seeking coach, you should step up in your career as your desire to mentor athletes deepens. But getting this position may be difficult unless you know how to present yourself as the most qualified candidate. Besides knowing the current trends, an effective coach resume example may hold the key for a nice game plan: a successful job hunt.

Coaching as a Profession

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics or BLS projects a positive outlook for scouts and coaches jobs. It says the employment growth for this sector will rise by 11% between 2018 and 2028. Thanks to the growing number of students joining various sports these days!

Isn’t pursuing an athletic coaching career a wise option? Here’s how to qualify.

  • Education and Training

Most high school and college coaches are also teachers. So, you have to meet the requirements for this job. Hence, if you intend to become a coach in any sports, you need to hold a bachelor’s degree. Degrees related to coaching, such as nutrition and fitness, recreation and leisure, sports medicine, kinesiology, and exercise and sports science, are an edge.

  • Required Skills and Traits

Aside from mentoring skills that define the main responsibility of an athletic coach, you also need other soft skills vital in establishing good relationships and camaraderie within a team. These include listening, speaking, decision-making, and problem-solving. Likewise, this job requires people skills so you can get along with your players easily.

  • Job Roles

Coaches’ nature of work extends beyond teaching and training of athletes based on sports fundamentals. They must promote and foster sportsmanship while keeping students or players safe during training or competition. Many coaches also take on administrative tasks that concern supplies, equipment, and facilities.

Ask yourself: Is there a bright future ahead of me?

  • Pay and Benefits

Coaches’ and scouts’ annual median pay as of May 2018 was $33,780, based on BLS report. This figure could go up to $43,160 after Zippia puts the average salary of athletic coaches to this high. Coaches may earn extra money during off-season or summer when they work for clinics and camps.

  • Job Opportunities

While 290,100 became coaches and scouts in 2018, BLS expects extra 30,500 people to hold the same job by 2028. Further, Zippia lists down the top 10 best states for athletic coaches. It includes Arizona, New Jersey, District of Columbia, Minnesota, Wyoming, Texas, New York, South Carolina, California, and West Virginia.

A Powerful Coach Resume

Do you think you have what it takes to lead a football, soccer or basketball team, or mentor hockey or tennis players? Prove it through a resume. Arm yourself with a strong profile summary.

Here’s a coach resume example hand-picked from our archive to guide you through the writing process. See how we make a resume for this certain job.

Coach Resume Example
Coach Resume Example 1

What Makes a Good Coach Resume Example

The secret to making a resume that stands out is getting the right example from your industry and focus of interest. However, not all resume samples can serve its purpose—to help you write your own tool. Thus, read these pointers that explain how we came up with a good summary above.

  • Career Tag – Want to be a coach? Tell it straight away! Make it as precise as possible.
  • Qualifications Profile – In 4 phrases, describe yourself as a strong candidate. How? Start each phrase with an impactful adjective.
  • Areas of Expertise – This section lists all your skills. What are the good coaching skills? See our sample work above. Each of these skills can serve as keywords, telling not just what makes you a good coach but a qualified job hopeful.
  • Education – No college course may be too irrelevant to a coaching job. Hence, don’t hide this detail. Just don’t forget to put the name of the university and its location when writing this section. Here, you may also tell if you were a recipient of an athletic scholarship.
  • Work History – Notice how the writer breaks this section into three: coaching, teaching, and other professional experience. This is to highlight the job hopeful’s broad exposure in the field. Each job held contains duties and key achievements.
  • Certification and License – This resume section may play a crucial role in your quest as each item can help prove your expertise.

Do you find resume writing a daunting task even if you have gathered enough details from the best coach resume example online? Maybe it’s not your cup of tea. We’re here to assist you. With our resume writing service, you’ll have an optimized copy that responds well to the job opportunity. For more details, contact us today!

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