IT Director Resume: Example and Writing Tips to Ace Your Job Search

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In today’s era wherein a lot of organizations and businesses rely on technologies to keep their operations running, it’s important to have an information technology (IT) director whom they can count on. Why? Because IT directors are not only experts in all aspects of IT; they are also capable of managing technical projects and leading a team of professionals. They play an integral role in driving an organization toward growth and success.

According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, the projected employment rate for computer and information systems managers, including IT director jobs, is 11% from 2020 to 2030. This is faster than the average for all occupations. With that, it’s highly recommended that you take your first step to be on board: creating your IT director resume.

In this article, we’ll give you brief information about an IT director. Plus, we’ll share with you an effective IT director resume example crafted by our professional IT resume writers, along with tips on how to create one that helps you secure job interviews.

What is an IT Director?

As one of the senior management positions in an organization, IT director oversees the daily operations of an IT department. These include the technical infrastructure, the company’s systems and services, IT contracts and vendor agreements, IT policies and initiatives, and technical projects. Moreover, IT directors are in charge of maintaining the accessibility, functionality, and security of all computer resources across diverse industries.

Aside from the technical aspects, IT directors possess a wide array of hard and soft skills to effectively perform their duties and responsibilities. These include effectively leading and working with different teams, communicating and translating complex technical information, and developing and implementing strategies.

What are the Duties of an IT Director?

Apart from the abovementioned tasks, some of the common job duties of an IT director include the following:

  • Assessment of an organization’s technology needs and provision of upgrade recommendations;
  • Development and implementation of short- and long-term IT goals and strategies;
  • Planning and oversight of new hardware and software deployments
  • Identification of business requirements for IT systems;
  • Recommendation and execution of new technology solutions;
  • Protection and security of sensitive information and system-crucial data;
  • Administration of computer systems, networks, and security;
  • Formulation of IT security policies covering data access, devices, incident response, and other IT-related issues;
  • Calculation of the costs of IT systems and potential security risks; and
  • Collaboration with other professionals to implement technical upgrades and mitigate potential risks

However, take note that the roles of an IT director still vary depending on the industry, size, and needs of the organization.

How Do You Become an IT Director?

In order to be the perfect fit for an IT director position and efficiently perform such duties, this job requires the following qualifications:

  • Bachelor’s degree in information technology, information systems, computer science, computer engineering, or related field;
  • Graduate degree relevant to the field is a plus;
  • Extensive experience in IT operations;
  • Hands-on experience in supervising IT teams and large-scale projects;
  • Expertise in network and systems administration, computer systems, telecommunications systems, and databases and data storage systems;
  • Solid communication and interpersonal skills to collaborate with teams across the organization;
  • Excellent leadership, decision-making, problem-solving, critical thinking, and project management skills; and
  • Certifications, training, and continuing education

Expert Tip:

If you have the qualifications mentioned earlier, it is advisable to include such details on your IT director resume, especially if they’re outlined in the job posting.

What to Include on Your IT Director Resume

If you’re planning to change your career and climb up the ladder as an IT director, you should start with your job search tool first. With your IT director resume, it can help you take your next step to achieve this goal. Read on to know the details needed to include on your resume.

A Woman Preparing Her It Director Resume Using A Laptop
IT Director Resume: Example and Writing Tips to Ace Your Job Search 1

Contact Information

Starting right with the top of your IT director resume, write your first and last name, complete mailing address, phone number, and email address. You may also put your LinkedIn profile URL and website, if there are any. Plus, placing your certification beside your name can increase the chances of your resume getting noticed.

Specific Target Job

Also known as ‘career tag’, your desired job position allows hiring managers and recruiters know what job position you’re aiming for.

Qualifications Profile / Summary of Qualifications

Crafting a striking resume summary is a must in order to boost your hiring chances. Take note that hiring managers spend an average of six seconds to review an applicant’s resume. Hence, it’s important that you highlight what you can contribute to their organization as an IT director straightaway.

Expert Tip:

When writing your summary, steer away from the resume objective-type statement. Instead, use compelling titles and headlines to catch the hiring manager’s attention.

IT Director Skills

Since IT directors offers years of experience in the field, it is already given that they have a lot of industry-specific and soft skills to showcase. That said; it’s crucial that you sort out and choose what skills you should put on your IT director resume.

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Work Experience

When listing your work experience, start with your most recent job down to your first job. Include the company names and their locations, your job titles, and the employment dates. As for your job descriptions, notable contributions, and accomplishments, it’s highly recommended to describe them using bullet points. This way, hiring managers can easily review your work history without missing important details.

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Take note that academic background is one of the factors that hiring managers consider in the hiring and recruitment process. Thus, in order to catch their attention, make sure your education section is well-written. Include your complete degree and course title, school name and its location, and the dates of your graduation. Plus, mentioning your awards, honors, recognition, and scholarships you received can help you take one step ahead of the competition.

Training, Certifications, and Licenses

Not all candidates applying for an IT director position have the credentials necessary for the job post. Hence, grab this opportunity to impress hiring managers that you have maintained active involvement in different training, workshops, and seminars as well as obtained industry-related certifications and licenses.

Other Possible Information to Include on Your IT Director Resume

To spice up your IT director resume, you might want to include your professional affiliations, activities, technical skills, and projects handled.

A Man Looking For Tips On How To Make An Effective It Director Resume
IT Director Resume: Example and Writing Tips to Ace Your Job Search 2

How to Write Your IT Director Resume

Now that you have an idea on what to include on your IT director resume, knowing how to write them on your job search tool should be your next step.  To help you, we’ve listed some tips in crafting an effective IT director resume.

1. Apply simple yet attractive design and layout.

Decorating your IT director resume with too much designs and fancy font styles might kill the chances of getting your resume to the pile of accepted applications. A simple yet engaging design and layout as well as easy-to-read resume will do to land a job interview.

2. Choose the best resume format.

When writing your IT director resume, use the best resume format that will speak of your qualifications, skills, and experience. If you already have an extensive experience in the field, the chronological resume format should be your top pick. On the other hand, you may use other resume formats to showcase what you can contribute to their organization.

3. Highlight your IT director skills.

As mentioned above, an experienced IT professional has a lot of skills and abilities to offer. Since you’re applying for an IT director position, you must highlight the skills relevant to the job. Be sure to balance your technical and management skills.

4. Include resume keywords.

With resume keywords, employers can easily identify and evaluate whether you are the perfect fit for the position or not. That said; it’s pertinent that you put these terms not only under the skills section but also throughout your IT director resume. Furthermore, including these resume keywords can help you pass the applicant tracking systems.

Expert Tip:

Resume keywords are job-related or industry-specific words and phrases outlined in job postings. Hence, make sure that your job search tool matches the job ad.

5. Use concrete data and examples.

Presenting figures and examples when describing your job descriptions and accomplishments is much better than listing plain information. These details will help you stand out among other job candidates.

6. Proofread, proofread, and proofread.

Before submitting your IT director resume, read it over and over again. Doing so will help you check, spot, and correct errors, such as grammar and punctuation mistakes. Plus, keeping your resume free from error can increase your chances of securing job interviews.

IT Director Resume Example

To give you an idea on how an effective IT director resume looks like, below is an example from one of our professional IT resume writers:

Page 1 Of An Effective It Director Resume Example Prepared By Resume Professional Writers
IT Director Resume: Example and Writing Tips to Ace Your Job Search 3
Page 2 Of An Effective It Director Resume Example Prepared By Resume Professional Writers
IT Director Resume: Example and Writing Tips to Ace Your Job Search 4

Note: You may check out our different IT resume examples for more ideas.

Let Our IT Resume Writers Help You Ace Your Job Search

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