One of the most effective ways to find a job today is through job web sites and social media. And if you have an account on some of the most popular sites, it is more likely that employers will find you or you’ll learn about job openings. Thus, it is important that you have digital copies of your record and qualifications. Be sure that your piece contains vital sets of info.

Since we all live in digital age, the possibilities are endless. You can find electronic resume sample that contains links to social media pages. What are these links specifically?

Link to Your…
  • Web Site. Do you have a web site having a biography page and career summary? Or a web site wherein you discuss your understanding of certain topics or that showcase your skills? Putting a link to your web site is one of the best ways to show how focused you are in your chosen field of expertise.
  • Online Portfolio. Presenting a portfolio to the recruiters has never been easy as it is today, with today’s level of technology. If you aspire to become photographer, writer, or graphic designer, you should present proofs of your craft. To impress them, you may use photo sharing or blog sites to store copies of your artwork and share their links to hiring managers. Include portfolio links in your resume to prove your skills.
  • Blog. If you want employers to learn more about your personal life or take a glimpse at your writing and communication skills, present your blog. Blogging covers lots of topics and perspectives. And if you love to write about your hobbies or talk about your expertise, you can use the platform to your advantage by including a link in your electronic piece.
  • Facebook Page. You can also include a link to your FB page. Just see to it that you share useful content pertaining to your expertise. Employers may look at the content to assess your qualities as a prospective employee. Check your account to make sure that everything you share is positive, useful, and updated.

If you can’t make your own tool even with an electronic resume sample, seek our help.