Avoid Using These Bad Resume Terms on Your Resume [Infographic]

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Job hunting is a difficult and tiring process. You have to look for job openings, craft or edit your resume and cover letter, and gather all the patience in the world while waiting for that call to come for an interview. Unfortunately, most job seekers often mess up on the second (and probably most important) step—creating a flawless resume. There are a number of ways for you to blow your chances with a low-quality resume. One way to do this is to fill your resume with bad resume terms. To help you craft an outstanding CV, here are some of the words you should avoid using to describe yourself in a resume:

Bad Resume Terms To Describe Yourself In A Resume

Avoid Using These Words on Your Resume

The next time you write or edit your resume, make sure you use none of these terms to describe you:

Words That Must Already Be a Trait of Every Applicant or Professional

These are “Duh” characteristics you must already possess and show regularly that they no longer need to be mentioned.
– Hardworking
– Capable
– Organized
– Creative
– Responsible
– Self-motivated

Most Used Words That Have Been Used Ever Since the Resume Began

These traits will not make your resume unique because tens of thousands of other resumes use them already.

– Results-driven
– Detail-oriented
– Team player
– Highly skilled
– Excellent communication skills

Vague Words That Need Backing Up

– The only people who can attest to this are the ones you worked with before.

– Everyone can easily be an “expert” nowadays.

– Instead of saying you’re “successful,” state examples that prove it.

– We live in a digital age; almost all of us are “innovative.”

– Does this mean you’re flexible? Be clear.

– What does this even mean? Use a synonym that everyone is familiar with.

Constructing a high-quality and effective resume is not easy and must not be taken lightly. If you need a comprehensive guide to help you properly craft your own, choose the best resume format from Resume Professional Writers’ list of resume samples.

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Grab a copy of “Avoid Using These Words on Your Resume” infographic by clicking here.

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