The Must-Haves of an Accounting Resume

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Do you live and breathe numbers? Do you enjoy tallying them and finding out where money goes? If you do, chances are you’re among the accounting job seekers. However, even accountants can’t live on numbers alone. For your job application, you must form your own accounting resume. Need help? Expert resume writers will save the day!

5 Statistics to Keep You Going: A Best Resume Writers’ Compiled List

If you’re interested to pursue your career in accounting, good news! Here are five statistics to inspire you in your job hunt.

  1. Jobs are plenty in the finance and accounting industry. Best resume writers checked with the Bureau of Labor Statistics or BLS and record shows that accounting jobs will grow by 10% by 2026.
  2. You have fewer rivals. In a Robert Half survey, senior managers review 40 resumes per job posting only. Enjoy this number while it lasts. Likewise, a LinkedIn Workforce Report as of November 2018 showed that corporate services are the second biggest hiring increase in October.
  3. Do you want to find out which cities and states have the highest level of accounting jobs? Better go to these places: California, Texas, Florida, Pennsylvania, New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston, and Dallas.
  4. Know how much you’re worth. The federal median wage, as per the bureau, is $69,350 a year, or roughly $33.34 per hour.
  5. Senior managers spend an average of 12 minutes looking at each one. Thus, you have enough opportunity to show what you have.

An Accountant Job Seeker Getting Ready With His Accounting Resume.

4 Things Your Accounting Resume Must Show

Here’s where you must start, as endorsed by professional accounting resume writers. Answer these questions to supply what your accounting resume must show:

1. Who are you and what can you offer?

Your resume is your tool to convince the hiring managers. Introduce who you are (Profile/Summary), what you’ve done in your career (Experience and Education), what you have achieved (Awards and Certificates), and what you offer (soft skills included). The best resume for accounting job must have these data.

2. Can you do the job?

It’s not enough you list what you did; also prove that you can execute. That’s why when you write; don’t hesitate to put values on your work experience.

3. Do other people agree?

Like your line of job, figures undergo testing before you show a result. During hiring, one way to check the validity of one’s record is through references. Remember to highlight your awards and citations on your resume.

4. What are your career goals?

What’s your way of showing an edge in your resume? You must show them you prepare ahead; you have so much to offer and you’re willing to learn. Likewise, strengthen your network through your LinkedIn profile. Put a link of your profile in your resume.

3 Things You Should Check in Your Accounting Resume

Now, determine what to double-check after you’ve finished writing your accounting resume.

1. Tone

Keep your tone professional. Avoid jokes or humor, no matter how much you think it would set you apart from other job seekers. Career experts suggest to state few, well-chosen words on your resume. Never put abbreviation. Make sure that your resume remains readable to everyone.

2. Format

Have a uniform format throughout the document. Also, avoid using fancy fonts and make your margins equal. Don’t put graphs and photos.

3. Grammar and Spelling

Another turnoff you should avoid when writing your resume is when you commit grammar and spelling errors.

2 Pointers to Remember in Your Accounting Resume

1. Keywords are vital to a quality resume

Another way to make your resume reach the hiring managers is to use keywords. Employers maximize the applicant tracking system to filter the resumes they receive.

2. Match the job descriptions

Review the job descriptions. It will give you hints on what skills to put on resume for accounting jobs. Also, it will give you an idea, which part of your resume you should highlight so you could impress your hirers.

1 Reason to Hire the Best Accounting Resume Writer

Think about this, when you create your accounting resume on your own, how sure you are of the quality resume you produce? You will just waste valuable resources—time, money, effort, and the worst part, it’s your own! That’s why career experts must review your work.

Purchase the best accountant resume to save these resources and earn big when you get your dream job. Do you consider trusting the best resume writing service a worthy investment? Treat it as a plus!

Let Resume Professional Writers help you balance your career goals. With our best resume writers, you could also get help to make your cover letter, and receive valuable career coaching advice. If you are to create a corporate accountant resume or financial accountant resume, look for samples online or check our resume samples to guide you along the process. But if you can’t do it on your own, seek our accounting resume writing service. We can start pivoting your career vista!

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