Examples of Resume: What Graphic Design Skills to Highlight

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When you want graphic design job, prep yourself up because you are going vie with other good artists. The BLS foresees a good job outlook in this field as businesses work on their brands to hook more clients. With 13 percent job growth between 2012 and 2020, who would not heed this creative job?

If you want to be a graphic artist, you have to drag out your talents to meet what the job requires.  Employers want to know how equipped and honed you are in doing your work. You should show high fineness and innovation to get their interest to hire you.

To have an easy start out you may look for examples of resume for graphic designers. Another way is to stress out these sought-after skills on your career profile:


This skill gives every aspiring artist the edge to excel in the creative field. Among your tasks are to create logos and visuals that sway customer. In this case, you have to flaunt that you could bring out original ideas and come up with a keen design. Having this skills enable you to create unique works that help the firm or its product to stand out.

Computer software know-how.

Move away from the old way of using pencil and papers to draw out the ideas and make rough drafts. Since tech is the trend, you have to streamline with technical deftness. You have to show that you know and use software in doing your designs. You can say that you are adept on different design-based programs that help you do layout and edit image. These are Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Freehand, and many more. You can also say that you can work with CorelDraw graphics and Xara Designer Pro programs.  Moreover, you can show proofs by citing certificates you get from trainings.

Design Skills.

Employers presume that you have the innate skills to design visuals that informs, inspire, and persuade people. This is the reason why advertising companies need you. Making a unique design, layout, and content can set you apart from the rest of the applicants. As such, your portfolio is useful to give them a clear idea of your talent.  You should include in your resume the links that will lead them to your online profiles.

Communication skills.

It is vital that you know how to communicate well because you have to speak for your design. You should have the knack to listen to what the client want and be able to explain your works well. This is the reason why examples of resume for graphic designers also include this skill.

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Image from parthshah000 at pixabay.com

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