Matching Your Resume with the Job Description to Ace Your Job Search

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Have you ever traveled without a destination? How was your experience? For others, this journey can be taxing, like shooting an arrow into the air without a clear aim. To avoid this outcome, it’s best to know the directions first before you even start your engine. This will help you experience a more seamless journey and will guarantee your safe arrival. Similarly, this is how job descriptions help a job seeker writing a resume. Read this blog about resume vs job description comparison and know how you can land your target job faster—and better.

What Is a Resume

A resume is a job application tool that contains a person’s career background, skills, and achievements. Since most hiring managers don’t have enough time to read pages of resume, it is best to limit your personal marketing tool to one to two pages. Unlike what you do with curriculum vitae, resumes are shorter and more concise. Thus, you must discern wisely which details to place on your front page. Pull this arduous task off using a job description list.

What Is a Job Description

A job description, also known as job profile, is a document that lists the job requirements and work duties for a certain job post. This helps hiring managers screen hundreds of resumes and choose qualified candidates for interview. Aside from giving a clear set of roles for each job post, job profiles also serve as basis in measuring job seekers’ work performance. These, in turn, help their leaders give sound judgment for either promotion or demotion. Let’s dive in to know how this list of work duties can make or break your career journey.

How Can Job Description Affect Your Job Search and Hiring Process

Job Applicant Submitting A Resume After Reading About Resume Vs Job Description Comparison

Job profiles can affect job applicants and recruiters alike. For job seekers, writing a resume that doesn’t meet the vital duties listed in the profile is akin to a futile job search. Since most firms today use applicant tracking systems (ATS) to narrow down resumes, you must include the right set of resume keyword into your copy. Checking the job profile is a smart way to beat the ATS. You can use these lists to know which keywords shall be included in your resume.

For recruiters, a poorly written job description could attract the wrong set of job seekers. Not only will this slow down the entire hiring process; it could also lead to job mismatch. This could also lead to a higher turnover rate, since most of the hired staff can’t meet the demands of the job. In turn, this will require you to repeat the hiring process all over again. Hence, it is important to publish a clear and complete job profile.

How to Optimize Your Resume to Fit Your Target Job

Start with a clear goal to save more time and effort. Before you write your resume, it helps to check the posted job profile first to increase your match rate. Highlight skills that the job requires and other feats that will set you apart from others. Pepper your job tool with resume keywords all the way through. Also, choose the best resume layout that can emphasize your strengths.

You can find other blogs about resume vs job description comparison. However, the key to a successful job search is having a tailored resume that matches the job profile. Need more help to fix your job search tools? Let our expert resume writing service help you win your dream job with a stunning copy. Contact us today to get started!

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