Relocation Salary Issues: Why Live in South Dakota?

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South Dakota relocation salary
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Finding the best place where you can enjoy life to its fullest, is but a tough pursuit. You have to assess a lot of things and make sure that you will be able to achieve your goal. What are the factors that you must weigh to come up with the right choice? Relocation salary is one of them. Of all the states, which one will you choose? Will you prefer working and living in South Dakota (SD)? Why not give it a try?

If you want to move, look at the wage you would get. Can you make it in SD? How far can your budget go in here? Compute for the cost of living (COL) for you to know the pros and cons of your pursuit.

Best Relocation Salary Tool to Use

To know how much does it cost to settle in an area, you need to look for COL calculator. Many Web sites have such a tool. You just input your current state and the place where you want to relocate. Some sites will allow you to key in job title and salary range. Once you are done, the site will display a report that compares sets of data between the two places.

This tool is so easy to use but may not be enough to help you decide. Thus, it is better that you get the actual numbers and stats about SD.

Stats to Review

Below are sets of info pertaining to SD:

  • COL.
    The Missouri Economic Research and Info Center says that SD rank 25th on the list of states with the lowest COL in the first quarter of 2014. Its index is 98.3%, one of the lowest in Midwest region. Midwestern states with higher COL than SD are MN, ND, and WI. States with the highest COL are: HI, DC, NY, AK, NJ, CA, CT, OR, MA, and RI.
  • Employment Rate.
    BLS says that SD has close to 436,300 workers in June 2014. As its unemployment rate falls to 3.8%, it ranks 5th from the lowest. ND has the lowest rate with 2.7%; while both RI and MS has the highest with 7.9%.
  • Wage.
    The DOL data show that the least wage rate in SD is $7.25, same with that of other 22 states.
Tips to Consider

To succeed in a new place, dwell on the wage, COL, and other factors. With these sets of data, you might get hints about the pros and cons of moving to SD. With a good job outlook and relocation salary, what’s your next move? You can start with your job search and grab hot jobs here. Try to be adventurous and stick a pin in Tennessee.

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