I’m fond of writing blogs, letters, and other materials through which I can be free to express myself. I’ve tried writing everything, but I must say I don’t have the guts to write my own resume. Do I sound unbelievable? You better believe me!

I’ve been in the writing industry for two years. Writing is my passion. I am very lucky to do what I love and be paid for it. But I never thought that writing my own resume is as challenging as creating a novel. Unlike other write-ups, I can’t use my imagination and include fictitious characters to present my skills and abilities. In writing my resume, I realized that I am my own superhero. I have to save myself from the trash bin and the hiring manager’s keen eye for details.

But because I’m a freelance writer, I’ve never had the chance to send my resume to publishing companies. Friends and other people ask me to write for them. I’ll just send them the copy through e-mail and I get paid through my account and that’s it… end of the story. Sometimes, a chance comes and I just can’t let it go. I was asked by one of the country’s top public relations companies if I want to work for them as chief editor. How can I disagree? But the problem is… I must be ready with my resume. Oh, no! That sounds more of a test than a blessing to me. Fine, I have no choice but to do it.

As expected, I wasn’t confident with the way I’ve written my resume. I tried, but I failed. And so I tried it again. I’ve tried using templates, but I wasn’t impressed with the result either. I don’t want to mess up with it any longer. It’s the only thing I have to prove to them that I’m the best choice for the job.

To end my problem, I decided to seek professional help. With more than a thousand resume writers in the country, how do will I choose the one that meets my expectations?

With much luck, I found Resume Professional Writers, a company that does not just craft well written resumes but produces innovative and effective results, as well. Though skeptic, I gave it a try. After a few e-mail exchanges and phone calls, I got my resume. I was so impressed with its overall look. Apart from the draft, the word choices are precise and professional. As a writer, I’m very keen with word choices and I must say that Michelle King, my writer, is an expert. She was able to include impressive keywords to my resume. I’m so glad to have had the chance to work with a team of experts. Great job, guys!