How to Reschedule a Job Interview Like a Pro

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Tomorrow is your job interview. But you realized, it’s in conflict with your dental appointment.

So, what will you do?

If you can’t come to the interview because your child is sick, or you’re stuck in a storm, ask the hiring manager to reschedule your appointment. In addition, you may experience other situations.

Tips on How to Reschedule Your Job Interview

1. Personal

If a family emergency demands your urgent attendance such as an accident, attend to it. Here, telling what situation qualifies as emergency is the debate at hand. But if the circumstance can wait, then let it pass.

2. Health

If your illness is contagious such as cough and colds, ask the recruiter to reschedule your job interview. Hence, don’t be stubborn. Spare the interviewer the risk of catching the disease.

3. Travel

You may come from a distant state or even a far town; hence, you demand longer travel time. If the recruiter scheduled you for Wednesday at 8:00 am, and you can’t book before Wednesday at 6:00 am, stop catching that flight. Likewise, contact the hiring manager to set another schedule.

4. Work

If you’re still working and can’t be absent for the job interview, or maybe an urgent meeting comes up, then reset it. You wouldn’t be happy with a poor record in your present work without a new one waiting.

Quick Facts to Consider

  • Only two percent of job applicants receive interview invites. Therefore, don’t waste your chance. Come to your appointment!
  • Sixty percent of recruiters cite arriving late is one of the worst job interview mistakes any candidate can make.

Proper Ways to Reschedule a Job Interview

  • Contact your hiring manager to discuss with him/her the interview rescheduling. Then, call and write him/her a letter on the rescheduled interview date and time.
  • When you request for another appointment, don’t say you’re available every afternoon, except Monday, from noon until 5:00 pm. Instead, write, “I’m available Tuesday, March 2, Wednesday, March 3, Thursday, March 4, and Friday, March 5, from noon until 5:00 pm each day.” Have the recruiter confirm the most convenient time for your rescheduled job interview over the phone or via email. In addition, mention your contact number in your message.
  • Finish your email by restating your interest in the company and the vacant post. Likewise, remember to tell the recruiter you’re looking forward to meeting him/her. Always use a polite closing salutation in your messages such as “Sincerely” or “Kind regards.”

A job interview isn’t a golden ticket to a post. It’s a general admission ticket showing that the recruiter considered you for the position. Thus, make sure your reasons to reschedule it are valid and reasonable.

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