What You Shouldn’t Wear to Your Next Job Interview

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First impression lasts. This is a common saying that is uttered mostly in a professional setting, and especially true in job interviews. It’s important for an applicant to catch an interviewer’s attention and be memorable, but you must do this in all the right ways.

A way to guarantee you’ll leave a bad mark in hiring managers—and possibly ruin your chances of getting hired—is to wear inappropriate clothing during the hiring process.

To avoid that, make sure you steer clear of these job interview outfit no-nos.

  • Bizarre Ties. Be on the safe side by wearing classic colors; if you find that too bland, choose one with dots or stripes.
  • Ill-Fitting Clothes. Avoid looking awkward and unprofessional by wearing clothes that is tailored for you.
  • Excessively Casual Clothes. Unless you want to feel like an outsider, wear a button-down shirt tucked neatly in slacks if you’re not comfortable with a suit and tie.
  • Sneakers. You will look grungy and unpolished; sport a pair of leather shoes or loafers for a more laid-back look.
  • Headphones. Listening to music can help calm us down. But if you forget to remove your headset before the interview you’ll look like you’re not taking things seriously.
  • Tattoos. Try to cover them up with clothing to avoid distracting the HR personnel.
  • Facial Jewelry. Nose rings, earrings, brow rings—these accessories will draw the attention of the hiring staff making it hard to focus on you as a professional.
  • Overgrown Beard and Mustache. It’s important that you look neat and tidy in a business setting, so keep your facial hair trimmed and manageable.
  • Revealing Clothes. Avoid short and inappropriately tight clothing; see-through clothes and plunging necklines must also be avoided.
  • Sky-High Stilettos. If you don’t want to look awkward and uncomfortable, wear business shoes that you can walk in with ease.
  • Overly Done Hair. You’re not attending a red carpet event; just keep your hair neat and away from your face.
  • Too Much Makeup. Looking good doesn’t mean masking yourself with layers of makeup. Refrain from using bright lipstick, dark eye shadow, and heavy foundation.
  • Flashy Jewelry. Again, you’re not going to an awards show; sticky with classic, simple, and matching jewelry.
  • Heavy Perfume. Don’t make breathing hard for the interviewer. Do without the fruity or flowery fragrance; if you really must, give yourself one spray on the wrist.

When looking to land your dream career, you must be meticulous with everything involved in the hiring process. From your cover letter and resume to your business attire—attention to detail is a must.

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