8 Vital Signs You and Your Job Are a Perfect Match

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Finding the perfect job is like searching for the right partner. You need time and patience to make sure your target completes your checklist. Whether you’re a new graduate or a corporate professional, time will come you’ll question your career position. To help you clinch if you’ve made the right career decision or not, read these signs.

Signs You’ve Made the Right Career Decision

1. You treat your coworkers as friends.

Job fulfillment comes from many aspects of work. If you know a few important details on your colleagues, from their birthday, to their shoe size, to their favorite color, you’ve nailed it.

2. You wake up every morning with excitement.

When your alarm rang off in the morning and you hit the snooze button for the final time, what do you feel? What thoughts run through your head? If you often spring out of bed with a smiling face and a burning wish to conquer the day, you know you’ve made the right career decision.

3. You cannot imagine yourself working in another company.

If changing careers never crossed your mind, it means you’re pleased with your present job and boss. Otherwise, if your craving to work elsewhere is in overdrive, you may have made the wrong career move.

4. Your boss supports your endeavors.

Good employers motivate their workers to strive more. If your boss strikes this balance and encourages you to do your best and push your limits, you may have made the right career decision.

5. You don’t understand why other people hate their jobs.

Deloitte Shift Index Survey reported recently that 80 percent of workers hate their jobs. If you’re not one of them, and if you can’t understand why others do, it means you love your job.

6. You’re willing to suffer for your job.

Another sign you’ve made the right career decision is when you’re unburdened as you make tough decisions between life and work. Whether it’s doing weekend tasks or losing two to three hours of sleep because you must get in early, you’ll always sacrifice for your job.

7. You love your work, even its repetitive tasks.

If you enjoy most of your tasks, even tedious ones, it means you love your job without doubt. Yet, if you see yourself stuck in a hamster wheel and wish to be elsewhere, then maybe it’s time to find another pasture.

8. You have enough time for yourself and family.

Does your present job let you spend quality time with your loved ones? If not, it’s time you check the nearest job board and find the right career for you.

If you nodded to these signs, cheers! You’re lucky because you’ve made the right career decision. Yet, if you think you can’t stay in your present job anymore, it could be time you search for another one. Visit our services page now and hire us for your job application tools.

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