Smart Answers to 8 Common Job Interview Questions

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Are you in for an interview? So, congratulations! That’s laudable. Don’t mimic other applicants, though, who stumble during interviews because they’re hearing strange questions. What follows are common interview questions (and the correct ways to answer them), to be confident in facing your interviewer.

Suggested Answers to Common Job Interview Questions

“Tell me something about yourself.”

This question is one of the most asked interview questions and encourages you to discuss your interests. Prepare something that doesn’t sound rehearsed. Unless the interviewer asks you otherwise, stick to your education, career, and current state. Detail them from past to present.

“Why should we hire you?”

Answer this question by summarizing your experiences. Say, “With my seven-year experience working in the financial industry and proven record of saving corporate money, I could make a great difference in your company. I’m confident I’d be an asset to your team.”

“What are your weaknesses?”

This one is the most popular but also the most dreaded among interview questions. To manage, select one weakness you’re overcoming. For instance, explain you’ve had trouble before with planning and prioritization, but confirm you’re taking the steps to remedy them. Talk about your weakness and explain what you’re doing to conquer it.

“Why are you leaving (or why did you leave) your job?”

Sometimes, you must figure out what the hiring manager wants to find out when he/she asks certain interview questions. If unemployed, discuss why you left in a positive tone. You can specify, “I survived two rounds of company downsizing, but the third one was a 30% reduction in the workforce that included me.” However, if you’re still with the company, focus on what you want to achieve next. For instance, “After four years, I wish to serve another company that’s team-focused, where I can contribute my knowledge.”

“What do you know about our company?”

To excel among other applicants, do your homework before the job interview. Research about this particular item out of the usual interview questions. Determine the key players and see if they’ve been in the news recently. While they don’t expect you to know every date and individual, you must develop a solid understanding of the firm.

“Why do you want to work here?”

Interviewers ask this question to probe if you’ve given your application some thought and you’re not sending resumes because of the open position. Say you dream to work for a vital service, an innovator, or a market leader. In addition, be specific and relate the company’s values and mission statement to your career goals.

“How do you handle stress and pressure?”

What do you do when your plans fail? Respond to this question by giving an example on how you handled stress in your former (or present) job.

“Do you have any questions for me?”

An interview isn’t a mere chance for hiring managers to assess you. It’s also your opportunity to discover whether you’re perfect for the position. Likewise, what do you wish to learn about the company? The position? The team? You’ll cover more in the actual interview; thus, prepare for less common questions beforehand.

What other usual interview questions do hiring managers ask? Share them in our comments section! To update your application tool before the big day, explore our sample resumes or read, “Eight Epic Formulas to Creating a Competitive Resume.”

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