ATS Resume Checker: Your Ultimate Guide to Beating the Bot

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In this age of technology and innovation, the world has evolved with particular premium placed on convenience. This doesn’t just apply in our personal lives; it’s also the case when pursuing a career. Companies leverage technology to make recruitment easier and more effective. Thus, if you want to increase your chances of landing a job, an ATS resume checker can help you beat the screening software that hiring managers use.

Even though most Fortune 1000 companies use applicant tracking system (ATS) in their hiring process, there are ways to get past it. If you want to know how, you’re on the right page. Here we’ll discuss one sure way to do so.

What is ATS Resume?

As mentioned earlier, ATS is a screening program that companies use to sift through job candidates. Since the job market has become more competitive, hiring managers need to evaluate thousands of applicants. Nevertheless, they only need to look at resumes that have passed through the system with this resume screening software.

This is where an ATS resume comes in. It’s a job-winning job search tool that can beat the ATS. It’s keyword-optimized, industry-centered, properly formatted, and has relevant career highlights. An ATS-friendly resume has what it takes to get read by the bot and impress hiring managers.

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What to Look for in a Resume

With the innovation in the recruitment process, job seekers don’t need to go to offices to apply for work. They just need to submit their applications on job search engines or to company websites. Not only that, resumes and cover letters need to go through a strict screening process before landing in the hands of hiring managers.

Here are some of the points hiring managers look for.

Employment Gaps

The most important details in a resume can be found under the work experience section. This gives hiring managers an idea of your qualifications and credentials. Hence, career highlights help your resume get the attention of your potential employer. An unexplained gap and low employment retention could lead to missing the opportunity.

Skills and Qualifications

Aside from having the relevant work experience, skills and qualifications dictate whether a job applicant is worth giving a shot. Outlining what you can bring to the table as well as your accomplishments is a great step toward achieving your goal—landing your target post.


Another vital section on your resume is your education. State your degree, the name of your university, and the date of graduation. Doing so backs up your claim of being qualified and competent for the job. This is also helpful when recruiters’ requirements include professionals who have a certain bachelor’s degree.

Industry-Centered Keywords

To secure an interview invite, you need to spice up your resume with action words and skills that are relevant to the position you’re applying for. Not only does it make your resume tailored for the job; it also increases your chances of passing the ATS resume checker.

If you want to stand out from other qualified candidates, know what the recruiters do when examining resumes.

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Factors to Consider for an ATS-Compliant Resume

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A resume needs to be ATS-friendly to move past the resume screening software. When your job search document is effectively written, you can be at ease that you’ll beat the bot. To boost your way to the game, check out these factors that make a resume score high at the ATS resume checker.

Targeted Cover Letter

Having well-written job search tools that are targeted to the post you’re applying for is crucial to getting an interview invite. Submitting your resume along with a cover letter signals recruiters that you have prepared for your job search with documents tailored to their job posting.


Including industry-related keywords is important in ensuring that your resume has what it takes to get you the job. Since AI reads and screens resumes, you need to make sure that your job search documents are tailored to the positions you’re aiming for.

Proper Formatting

In order to get a good score on an ATS resume checker, your resume should be in the proper format. Therefore, use a resume format that best suits your career status. In addition, writing your resume in the proper format enables you to effectively highlight your qualifications.

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Error-Free Resume

As the ATS scans your resume, it can recognize grammar, punctuation, and spelling mistakes. You need to be careful because errors such as these can break your chances of getting hired. Thus, it’s critical to check all the info on your tool. It’s a must to proofread your document before sending it to employers.

How to Know if Your Resume is ATS-Friendly

Being confident that your job search tools can pass the ATS resume checker lifts your worries of not getting the job. Here’s a quick checklist to test your ATS-resume readability.

  • Your resume is short and direct.
  • Its design and font are simple and professional-looking.
  • Steer away from using right-hand columns.
  • Enrich your resume with words that are relevant to the post, especially in the skills and work experience sections.
  • Save your resume in Word and PDF files.

What to Expect from Your Resume Review

It’s no secret that, because of the ATS, the hiring process has become convenient not just for the hiring managers but also for job seekers. As recruiters use resume screening software, you can still beat it and benefit from a free resume review. With resume critique services, you’ll have an idea if your resume is effective enough to land you a job.

While it’s true that an ATS resume checker costs a lot, it’s a worthwhile investment. No wonder employers use it to their advantage. Don’t worry, with a free resume review online, you can get ATS to pick your application. Here are the top 5 things you’ll get from resume review services:

1. Professional Feedback

The top of the list is the feedback and suggestions expert resume writers give to clients. These enable them to know how to revamp their tool. With their recommendations, resumes can be more targeted and effective.

2. Identify How to Make Use of a Generic Resume

Securing your target job is within your reach when you have relevant work experience and the skills needed for the job. These should be effectively communicated in your job search documents. Your resume serves as your marketing tool for potential employers to examine. That’s why you need to make sure that your qualifications are highlighted to show that you’re capable of taking on the job.

3. Determine the Effectiveness of Your Resume for Job Portals

Resume reviews don’t just tell you if your tool can pass the ATS resume checker; they also help you turn your resume into a document that stands out in different job marketplaces. When your resume is optimized, you’ll get more job interview invites from job search engines such as Monster, Indeed, and JobTalk USA.

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4. Importance of Resume Title

Another point you’ll get from free resume reviews is the value of resume titles. Knowing how to properly write a headline, career tag, and resume summary is crucial in resume writing. These resume sections say a lot about you. Hence, you can interest the human resource staff to move you to the next step.

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5. How Many Bullet Points on a Resume

A professional-looking resume takes your application to the next level. This is because it leaves a good impression on recruiters that you’re professional and detail-oriented. One way to keep the design and layout to your advantage is by writing resume bullet points. Using bullet points on your resume allows you to present your qualifications and noteworthy details and experience you’ve had before jumping to another career.

Bonus Tip: Keywords for ATS Systems

Using the right keywords for the industry you’re applying for is a requirement to getting a good ATS resume checker score, which leads to securing an interview invite. On that account, career coaches include how keywords and action words are used in a resume review report.

How to Make an ATS-Friendly Resume

Writing a resume that can pass the ATS resume checker is as simple as it sounds. Nonetheless, you must understand how to make one. Check out our quick rundown of tips to guide you in writing your own ATS-friendly resume.

  1. Select a format that corresponds to your stage of career.
  2. Use a standard layout and font style.
  3. Revamp your resume by optimizing it with relevant words and phrases.
  4. Know when to use abbreviations properly.
  5. Don’t forget to include career highlights and important information.
  6. Make sure your headings are clear and concise.
  7. Graphs, images, and tables aren’t advisable to use.
  8. Proofread your work several times to avoid misinformation and errors.
  9. Don’t use generic resumes. Instead, write a resume that’s tailored to the position and company you’re applying for.
  10. Send your application in a Word file format or choose the right file type.

Sample Resume to Get Past ATS

Now that you’re familiar with how the ATS resume checker works and its value to the 21st century recruitment process, what are you waiting for? Dive into writing your ATS-ready resume. To guide you through this task, here’s a sample resume

Page One Of Ats Resume Example Prepared By Resume Professional Writers
Page Two Of Ats Resume Example Prepared By Resume Professional Writers
Page Three Of Ats Resume Example Prepared By Resume Professional Writers

Resume Professional Writer’s Resume Analysis Software

Resume writing can be a tedious task, especially when you have a lot on your plate and are not skilled at writing one. Fortunately, resume writing services are now a thing. With this, you can be at ease that your job search tools are being handled by experts.

Furthermore, Resume Professional Writers isn’t just a home to competent, seasoned resume writers and career coaches; they also use ATS resume checker to guarantee clients that their resume can beat the resume screening software. Plus, they offer a free resume review to help job seekers revamp their resumes and boost their chances of landing their target job.

What are you waiting for? Leverage AI-powered recruitment process with Resume Professional Writers. Reach us today and let us help you in fulfilling your career goals.

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