An Expert Guide to Choosing the Best LinkedIn Background Photo to Boost Your Profile

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The significance of technology in today’s world cannot be understated. From everyday communication through social media to business and organizational processes, more people are engaging in online platforms to achieve their goals. Aside from the usual networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, people have also subscribed to professional networking sites like LinkedIn.

In this digital age, even job posting and job hunting can be done online. This is why the platform has gained a particular following today: LinkedIn is an online resume where prospect companies and employers can see your professional background and accomplishments.

Having that said, in order to grow your professional connections online, you must be able to build an impressive image. One way of doing that is to take full advantage of your LinkedIn background photo.

What is a Good Background Photo for LinkedIn?

Before anything else, your LinkedIn profile has a default background photo, one that the platform automatically assigns to all profiles. However, while the sleek quality of the default LinkedIn background photo is already functional in and of itself, you can actually customize it to your professional advantage.

You might say, “I do have a profile picture; why do I need a background photo?” Well, the answer is that a background banner can definitely benefit you more. Yes, the profile picture can increasingly make a good impression, too. Nonetheless, having a background banner allows you to maximize the space and purpose of your profile.

As noted above, more often than not, LinkedIn users don’t bother uploading a LinkedIn background photo. Probably it’s because they don’t know its purpose and importance. As a job seeker, you might have been focusing your attention on building an impressive online profile.

Having that said; while it is your competencies that the companies look for, the banner image is the first thing visitors will see when they come across your profile. The background photo can depict the industry or activities you are involved in, or it can simply catch interest at a first glance.

Expert Tip:

To know a good LinkedIn background photo for your profile, one tip is to consider your industry, and what makes it distinct from the rest. Then, find photos that can encapsulate your field succinctly.

What is a Good LinkedIn Background Photo Size?

Regardless of what photo you opt for, make sure that it is the appropriate size for the LinkedIn background photo. There are different LinkedIn profiles–a business page or a personal account. Either way, we recommend that you use a banner photo with dimensions of 1584 pixels wide by 396 pixels tall.

Also, as a cover image for your profile, your LinkedIn background photo should also be optimized. Doing so ensures that your photo can load properly and be viewed whether on a desktop or a mobile phone.

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Importance of LinkedIn Background Photo

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words. A picture alone may convey an idea more quickly and effectively than the words. Although words can tell you the whole story, a picture will attract attention and interest and so, they will dig deeper into the story.

Similarly, when looking at someone’s profile picture, you perceive them based on your bias — but it will never tell a story. This is where the use of a background image can help. With a LinkedIn background photo, you can present your profession or your personality. You can also feature your industry or show your interests through the image. That way, others can see it in a more objective manner because they are looking at a particular detail you want them to see.

They say that you can create a solid impression within the first 7 seconds of meeting in person. Even with the rise of social networks, first impressions still apply. If you want to establish a good impression within seconds, then best present yourself with LinkedIn background photo.

A Male Recruiter Impressed By An Applicant's Linkedin Background Photo
An Expert Guide to Choosing the Best LinkedIn Background Photo to Boost Your Profile 1

How to Choose a LinkedIn Background Photo

Now that you know how important the background image is, you might ask, “How will I choose a compelling and unique photo?” You should remember that your LinkedIn banner photo is your personal brand. Hence, your background image must highlight your skills, achievements, and even your interests.

To expound on what we’ve noted above, here are some more ideas on what to consider for your LinkedIn background photo.

1. Your Workspace

This is one of the basic background images you can use for your LinkedIn profile. Whatever industry you are in or interested in, a picture of one’s workspace signifies professionalism. Your workspace can feature a desk with a laptop, pads of papers, pen, and calendar. You can also feature a boardroom meeting with your colleagues or clients.

Expert Tip:

Always keep your workspace should be clean and decluttered.

2. A Picture that Represents Your Industry

Whether you are currently employed or want to be part of a particular industry, you can use images related to that industry. You can opt for photos of tools used in the trade or the industry’s product or services.

Using this as a LinkedIn background photo shows your determination to thrive in the said field. For instance, people involved in the media and creatives can feature a studio setup or a close-up photo of a camera. On the other hand, aspiring writers can use an image of a laptop or a typewriter with a pen.

3. A Personal Photo of Your Interests and Hobbies

While LinkedIn is a professional platform, it doesn’t mean that all contents should all be about your profession. A photo of you engaging in your interests and hobbies is a great way to grab one’s attention.

It is important to note that a personal photo can make visitors take more interest and understand you as a person. Think of it this way: This is a subtle way for you to communicate who you are, without actually having to be asked to tell something about yourself. This is a great way to connect with people of same interests as you. That way, you can even widen your circle and be more engaged.

4. Causes or Advocacies

Aside from your interests and hobbies, you can also share your advocacies with other people. Whereas they aren’t usually included in a LinkedIn profile, advocacies and community involvement can be incorporated in your resume, especially if they can amplify your marketability. And so, using it as your LinkedIn background photo can attract attention. It is recommended to use an outdoor photo as it differs from the usual work-related photos.

In addition, sharing your advocacy shows that you are trying to create an impact in your field and not solely focusing on your basic job. For example, if you support marine wildlife preservation, you can feature a picture of aquatic life underwater.

5. Inspirational Quotes

When the abovementioned photos don’t apply, you can never go wrong with using inspirational quotes as your banner photo. Although it doesn’t relate to your industry, people can understand what your personality and motivation are. A simple quote can spark inspiration to others.

What are Creative LinkedIn Background Photos?

Now that you know what types of photos you can consider for your banner, remember that a well-chosen background photo can make your profile stand out and provide additional context about your professional identity. When done right, it effectively reflects not only your industry, but also your values.

Now, what are exampels of creatibe LinkedIn background photos? Here are a few:

Personal Logo or Branding

If you’re an entrepreneur or a professional who values branding, you probably already have a logo. If so, you might want to feature it as well as your branding elements in the background photo.

Achievements or Awards

Display images of your professional awards or certifications you’ve garnered throughout your career that you’re most proud of. This can help highlight your professional accomplishments.

Lifestyle Images

This is where creativity comes to the fore. Share images that capture your lifestyle outside of work, such as travel photos or pictures of you engaging in activities you enjoy. This can reflect that you value work-life balance, and as such are looking for an organization who the values the same tenets.

Professional Portfolio

If you’re in a creative field, you can use the background to display a collage of your work samples or projects. On the other hand, if you’re an author who has a handful of publications under their belt, you could showcase book covers or images related to your work.

Event or Speaking Engagements

Finally, this applies to those who have taken the stage professionally. Highlight images from conferences, workshops, or speaking engagements you’ve participated in.

A Young Professional Speaking In A Business Conference
An Expert Guide to Choosing the Best LinkedIn Background Photo to Boost Your Profile 2

Where to Find the Best LinkedIn Background Photos

While there are hundreds of photos to choose from Google Images, most of these are not legal for you to use. Hence, it’s best to use a personal photo. Aside from legal implications, a personal photo adds creativity and personality to your profile.

If you don’t have any personal files to use for your LinkedIn background photo, go for stock photos online instead. Many websites offer license-free stock photos such as Canva, Pexels, and Unsplash. Visit these websites and then enter keywords related to the picture of your choice.

Expert Tip:

Just remember, whether you grab photos online or use own photo, make sure to upload high-quality images in your LinkedIn banner.

How to Add or Change Your Background Photo on LinkedIn?

To add or change your LinkedIn banner photo, follow the steps below:

Adding a LinkedIn Background Photo

  1. Make sure you’re logged on to your account. Click the Me icon at the top of your LinkedIn homepage.
  2. Click View Profile, then click the camera icon on the upper-right corner of your introduction section.
  3. Click Edit profile background to select an image from your computer, select the image and click Open.
  4. Once your LinkedIn background photos has been uploaded, you have the option to reposition it, adjust the orientation by rotating or resizing, or use photo filters.
  5. Once completed, click Apply.

Editing or Changing an Existing LinkedIn Background Photo

  1. Click the Me icon at the top of your LinkedIn homepage.
  2. Click View Profile, then click the edit icon on the upper-right corner of your introduction section.
  3. From the background photo pop-up, you can either edit or change your existing banner photo.
    1. Edit: You can reposition it, adjust the orientation, or use photo filters.
    1. Change: Click Change photo and follow prompts to change your background photo.
    1. Delete: If you wish to completely remove your LinkedIn back ground photo, click Delete photo and confirm your action.
  4. Once completed, click Apply.
An Expert Linkedin Profile Writer
An Expert Guide to Choosing the Best LinkedIn Background Photo to Boost Your Profile 3

Have a Completely Optimized Your LinkedIn Profile with the Help of Our LinkedIn Experts

It’s worth taking time to add a LinkedIn background photo, since it will help you create a positive impression and build rapport with other LinkedIn users. Your banner photo doesn’t need to be attention-grabbing; in fact, you can opt for a minimal yet powerful image that can send your message across. Just remember that your profile banner should reinforce your online profile.

Do you still need help in picking an appropriate banner photo? Let our expert LinkedIn profile writers help you out! Resume Professional Writers offers LinkedIn profile writing services that have helped thousands of clients strengthen their job search tools. Have yours today; contact us now!

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