Here’s How and Why You Should Add Your Resume to Your LinkedIn Profile

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As job search continues to evolve through the years, it can get tough if we don’t adapt. In the age of social media, job seekers can now use online platforms to apply for jobs. Building your professional portfolio is a huge step toward advancing your career. Doing this is vital most especially if you want to create a progressive work history. Your resume plays a key role in showing what you can bring to the table. However, you might miss out on a lot of job opportunities if only a few eyes can see your resume.

Be more visible online and let more prospective employers and hiring managers see your notable skills and abilities for resume. One social networking platform to consider is LinkedIn. It’s a job search and professional networking site used widely around the world. You can also use this platform to apply for jobs, connect with more professionals, and build your network in the long run.

Employers use LinkedIn to post job openings and pool applicants. That said, LinkedIn can also be a useful tool for you to put yourself out there in front of hiring managers. How? Since your profile serves a different purpose, it’s also a good idea for you to add resume to LinkedIn.

What’s in it for you to add your resume to your profile in LinkedIn?

Why Add Resume to LinkedIn

Uploading a well-written, customized resume that highlights your skills and experiences effectively can take your job search game to the next level. Here are the top reasons you should attach a resume to your profile.

An online format can help you stand out.

Putting your resume on your LinkedIn profile can help employers and hiring managers spot your qualifications right away.

It helps widen your network.

Interacting with more professionals in the same industry or field you’re interested in becomes easier when they can see your resume right away. This way, networking can lead you to a new contact at a company you’re setting your sights upon.

2 Ways on How to Upload Your Resume to Your LinkedIn Profile

Choose from these on how you can feature or save your resume to your account.

Feature Your Resume.

screenshot of LinkedIn's Sign in page

1. Go to and log into your account.

screenshot of LinkedIn's Me tab

2. Click the “Me” tab from the toolbar under your profile photo.

screenshot of LinkedIn's View Profile

3. Choose “View Profile” from the drop-down menu.

screenshot of LinkedIn's Add Featured section

4. On your “Featured” section, click the “+” button beside the pencil icon. If you haven’t added a “Featured section” yet, simply click “Add profile section” under your headline. Click “Featured” then choose “Media”. Locate your file to add your resume.

screenshot of LinkedIn's Add media

5. A preview of your resume will appear, as well as the title and description boxes. Putting a title is required.

6. Click Save to upload your resume.

Save Your Resume Using the “Easy Apply” or “Apply Now” Feature.

Your LinkedIn profile is an online version and can be a more in-depth look of your work history. However, you should still tailor your resume to the job you’re applying for.

With that, as you apply for multiple jobs, you can use the Apply Now or Easy Apply button to save multiple versions of your resume. Here’s how:

screenshot of LinkedIn's Jobs tab

1. Go to the “Jobs” tab in the main navigation bar.

screenshot of LinkedIn's Easy Apply or Apply Now feature

2. Search for the job you want to apply for that has the LinkedIn “Easy Apply” or “Apply Now” feature.

screenshot of LinkedIn's Upload resume to LinkedIn option

3. Put your contact details and attach your resume with the application. LinkedIn saves the last five resume versions you uploaded so you can easily access them on your multiple job applications.

Few Privacy Notes

As a keen job seeker, you must put effort into making your job hunt a responsible, careful, and well-thought-out one. Since LinkedIn is a public space, you must note that adding your resume to your profile can impact your job search and privacy.

While featuring your resume on your profile can help you pitch yourself to employers, you have to be careful on putting sensitive details out in the open. Hence, you can choose to remove your private info such as your contact details. If hiring managers are interested to know more about you as a job candidate, they can just reach out to you through LinkedIn messaging.

So, if you’re someone who wants to keep your job search as private as possible, you can opt to upload a resume without contact details to keep your information safe.

Make Your Resume Work for You Through Expert Help

We get it, your job search can be a tedious task with all the time, money, and effort you have to put in. To add, writing an impactful resume to upload to your LinkedIn profile can be challenging if you don’t know how to start. Leave it to the experts!

Resume Professional Writers offers topnotch services for your resume and job search tool needs. Check out our resume writing services to see how we can craft a winning resume to help you land your target job.

Need help in writing your LinkedIn profile as well? Hire our services now or contact us today!

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