LinkedIn Headline Examples for Various Professionals: A Compilation

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Aside from resume, LinkedIn profile is one of the most used job search tools by fresh graduates and professionals online. Through this, LinkedIn users can easily showcase and market their credentials and skills to potential employers. In addition, they can build and improve their presence online, connect with hiring managers and employers, and expand their networks with diverse professionals. However, not all users can write an engaging LinkedIn profile, especially the headline section. Given that there are more than 700 million LinkedIn users across the globe, are you sure your LinkedIn stands out from the pack and catches the attention of online recruiters? Worry no more! We’ve gathered some of the best LinkedIn headline examples, along with quick tips in crafting an impactful one.

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LinkedIn Headline Examples for Various Professionals: A Compilation 1

LinkedIn Headline: What is it?

First things first: What is a LinkedIn headline? LinkedIn headline is one of the fields in your introduction card on your profile, the text below your name. It’s displayed in search results and can be separated from the title of your current position. The headline is usually created when you add a new position to your profile. In addition, it can be used to promote an area of expertise and to call out other professional statuses, such as unemployed or retired.

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LinkedIn Headline Examples for Various Professionals: A Compilation 2

Importance of LinkedIn Headlines

Every time we search for something online, the internet gives us many results in just a blink of an eye. Why? Because of the keywords we used. Yes, you read it right! Keywords. For example, you look for ‘LinkedIn headline examples’, the internet will present you a number of results that have these keywords in no time. That’s how your headline must be. But how does LinkedIn headline help us with our job search? Read on.

Just like resumes, your LinkedIn profile must also contain specific keywords to make your profile on the top list, and this can be done through your LinkedIn headline section. Using this 220-character field, you can highlight your expertise, boost your profile’s visibility, generate more leads, and land job interviews. You’ll also have the chance to attract hiring managers and present yourself to your profile visitors. Aside from these, your LinkedIn headline helps feature you on newsfeed posts, the ‘People You May Know’ section, and LinkedIn job applications. Thus, you must create an impactful LinkedIn headline to achieve these.

LinkedIn Headline Examples

You might be wondering what an effective LinkedIn headline looks like, right? We heard you! Hence, we’ve compiled a list of best LinkedIn headline examples for various professionals to share with you. Check these out and make sure you have the important elements on your headline.

Job Position: Sales Manager
Example: Seasoned Sales Professional | Sales Management | Revenue Growth and Profitability

Job Position: Lead Communications Consultant
Example: Project Management | Process Improvement | Risk Mitigation

Job Position: Program Manager
Example: Program Management | Expert at taking a high-level view of a program toward growth

Job Position: Director of Purchasing
Example: Contract Negotiation | Market Trend Analysis | Vendor Relations

Job Position: Chief Human Resource Officer
Example: Certified Human Resources Professional | HR Consultant | Organizational Assessment and Improvement

Job Position: Information Technology Manager
Example: IT Management | Cloud Engineering | Cloud Computing

Job Position: Instrument and Electrical Manager
Example: Project Management | Contract Administration | Budget and Cost Control

Job Position: Director of Clinical Operations
Example: Accomplished healthcare leader, committed to delivering exceptional quality and service standards

Job Position: Field Services Representative
Example: Expert at driving operational efficiencies through cost reduction, strategic planning, and team development

Job Position: Business Analyst
Example: An insightful and detail-oriented business analyst, skilled in finance management and data profiling.

Quick Tips in Writing a Strong LinkedIn Headline

Aside from presenting a list of LinkedIn headline examples, of course, we’ll also take this opportunity to share with you three effective tips in composing your own headline. Read on.

Don’t let the bots choose your headline.

Allowing the LinkedIn to choose your headline is a big no-no. You know your skills and expertise better than this tool. With your customized LinkedIn headline, you’ll be able to highlight and showcase your expertise; establish and strengthen your brand; as well as attract potential employers.

Write a short but compelling headline.

Since the LinkedIn headline section accepts only 220 characters, there’s no need to write lengthy statements. Brief and concise but attention-grabbing headline will do.

Make it striking and appealing.

A sort of strong pitch can move hiring managers’ curiosity and will prompt them to know you more by reading through your profile. Thus, be creative—make your online piece readable.

LinkedIn Profile Building

Now that you’ve read some of the best LinkedIn headline examples for different industries as well as the tips in creating an interesting headline, it’s time to edit and apply these to your profile. If in case you’re still not confident and confused on what to include on your profile, fret no more! Resume Professional Writers got your back. Avail our LinkedIn profile writing service and let’s build your profile like a pro.

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