How to Write a Captivating LinkedIn Profile to Get You Hired Fast

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Social media is now part of people’s daily lives. 86 percent of Americans are internet users and most of them are on social media. 29 percent of this number is active in LinkedIn. Like the most popular social media site Facebook, LinkedIn is a great place to connect with people. Aside from posting your online resume, it hosts a network of millions of professionals. 94 percent of recruiters are on LinkedIn, which makes it a great tool to get you noticed and attract that dream job. Check out these surefire LinkedIn profile writing tips to get you started on your journey to a successful career.

LinkedIn Profile Writing Tips That Make You Shine in the Job Search

Connect With Millions Of Professionals

LinkedIn can help raise your chances of landing a job, so if you don’t have an account yet, now is the time to create one. Or if you neglected your current profile, you badly need a LinkedIn profile update ASAP. But since the platform’s visitors are professionals, you need to be more careful in sharing information. How you present yourself in LinkedIn can define your corporate persona. Thus, if you want to exude professionalism, your profile must show your best professional angle.

How to Write a Magnetic LinkedIn Profile Summary

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A kick-ass LinkedIn summary will set your profile apart and will invite more professionals to connect with you. It introduces you to your profile visitors and to potential employers. Hence, you must take advantage of this section and its 2,000 characters limit. Below are LinkedIn profile writing pointers to give your job search progress a boost.

  • Maximize the Space.

Experts suggest that you make the profile summary three to five paragraphs long. Short and concise paragraphs will do the trick.

  • Use Bullets.

Make your content more readable. If you are enumerating several items, add bullets so they don’t wear out your viewers’ eyes.

  • Show Some Personality.

While the rest of your profile states facts, capture their attention with a summary that shows your pleasant personality. Add a little bit of humor to give your piece an interesting twist.

  • Know Your Audience.

You must be clear about your target audience from the beginning. Your summary must draw them and make them want to connect with you.

  • Write an Effective Call to Action.

In this section, encourage your audience to connect with you. You may also add links for your readers to click through.

How to Update LinkedIn Profile Like a Pro

Resume Experts Give Linkedin Profile Advice

The job hunt is tough since there are several applicants vying for only a few open spots. Thus, it is hard to attract job offers since your lackluster application may be lost in a sea of hundred others just like yours. You need to stand out and charm more recruiters. Apply the following LinkedIn profile tips to gain an edge over others.

  • Collect Before You Connect.

Take note of your thought flow. Collect your ideas first before writing and publishing your profile. Lack of preparation will make it look sloppy, which is not a great first impression for your future employers.

  • Fill out All Relevant Fields.

Aside from profile summary, take time answering applicable fields. LinkedIn serves as your online resume, only better. Give it more substance by completing all sections with relevant info.

  • Choose a Professional Photo.

As the saying goes, “a picture paints a thousand words.” Use an appropriate and clear photo of yourself to represent your profile.

  • Be Sincere.

Don’t hesitate to be genuine to your audience. Your LinkedIn profile is a part of you so add just the right amount of personal flair to make it interesting.

  • Invest in Your Profile.

Greatness doesn’t come in a hurry. Take time in writing a hit LinkedIn profile that sells your personal brand. It would take time and effort, but all will be worth it in the end when you land your dream job.

If you want effective job search advice and LinkedIn profile writing tips, check our blogs or contact us to know how our resume experts can help you.

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