Top Reasons Job Seekers Must Hire a LinkedIn Profile Writer

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Having a LinkedIn profile in a job search is important. Hence, as a job seeker, you must keep a well-written online piece to impress recruiters and get job offers. If you can’t do it yourself or you’re unhappy with your current profile, have no second thoughts hiring a professional LinkedIn profile writers. Now, how vital is it for you to create a LinkedIn profile?

The Importance of a LinkedIn Profile

Over 98% of employers are now using LinkedIn. So, write your LinkedIn profile the best way to increase your chances of getting seen by your target company. Likewise, a LinkedIn account helps you a lot with your job search, for it gives you the opportunity to showcase your skills and expertise. Further, it helps you build trust with possible recruiters. With that, read on and learn the perks of having an optimized LinkedIn account.

1. You’re easier to find.

This may sound terrifying. But when it comes to finding a job, this means you have a higher chance of getting hired. Getting noticed by recruiters among thousands of hopefuls like you means you’re a step closer to your dream job. You can do this by writing a LinkedIn profile headline and summary. Remember to use the right keywords that match your target industry!

2. Users can endorse you.

LinkedIn has a feature where users can endorse another member for a specific skill. This further strengthens your profile. Surely, you will look more credible and qualified to the recruiters’ eyes.

3. You can update your status.

Similar to Facebook, LinkedIn also has a feature where you can update your status. Doing so will highlight who you are as a professional. Just make sure to only share apt content because your profile can become your future boss’ basis for recruitment.

Best Ways to Build a Professional LinkedIn Profile

Now that you know the value of having a LinkedIn account, it’s also important to know how to create a LinkedIn profile that will catch any recruiter’s attention. Thus, heed our LinkedIn profile writing tips below to help boost your job search.

1. Use the white spaces wisely.

Keep your paragraphs short. Since LinkedIn shows only the first three sentences, make sure to write this section strong and convince them to click ‘see more’. How will you do this? Sprinkle it with keywords relevant to your target job and highlight your greatest strength as a professional.

2. Make your content readable.

Bullets are effective if you’re listing several items. Likewise, this will make your content easier to read.

3. Show some personality.

Your profile will be more powerful if you show some personality. Along with facts, add a little bit of twist to your summary. What are your goals and ambition? What are you passionate about? Answer these and share some pieces of wisdom to your readers!

4. Know your audience.

If you have a target audience in mind, it will be easier to write your content. Tailor your summary and other sections to a specific audience so you can have a deeper link with them.

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Why Hiring a LinkedIn Profile Writer is a Wise Choice

For your account to be among the best LinkedIn profiles, hiring a LinkedIn profile writer is a must. Apart from giving you a big hiring chance, here are the reasons why hiring a writer for your LinkedIn profile is the best option to boost your career journey.

1. It saves you time (and money).

It sounds far-fetched, but if you’ll do the task yourself, you’ll realize why it’s important. Besides, ponder how much time you’ll spend in creating a flawless, career-focused online profile. Three hours won’t be enough to make a well-written story as a professional. Yet, it’s useful to finish more important core tasks at hand. With a LinkedIn profile writer working on your piece, you only need to wait a few days to get a thorough, well-written profile. In fact, after getting the product, you’ll realize it’s worth the cost.

2. It makes you visible online.

Since LinkedIn works online, it’s important to have a profile that makes you visible or draws opportunities toward you. You may not know the secrets to optimizing your account. Pro LinkedIn writers, however, know search engine optimization (SEO) and use proven techniques to befriend web crawlers. How do they do it? They add keywords. In addition, they’ll build up your online presence and get you closer to your job prospects by putting the right industry buzzwords in your profile.

3. It gives your profile a rather professional look and feel.

Though LinkedIn follows a pattern for all accounts under it, you can still make your piece notable. Interestingly, hiring managers can notice accounts written in a professional way—complete, precise, engaging, and perfect.

4. It sets a confident tone.

Keep in mind that the professional stance of your LinkedIn account won’t be enough to win a recruiter’s nod. Your choice of words and the way you sell your skills and qualifications are factors that affect how others see you. With this, be careful in setting your profile’s tone. In the same way, the more it shows your confidence, the more you become amiable to readers. Further, expert writers can choose the right words, language, and tone well to make your profile more captivating but not boastful.

5. It gives you the right branding.

What’s best in hiring a professional writing service is that it can present you in a different light. Your writer can even introduce you in a way you hadn’t done before in your resume. Likewise, expert writers can create the best profiles. They can see what’s unique in your personality and put your best traits together to make you a fine job application tool.

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