3 Tips on How to Easily Land a Job During Pandemic

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We’ll always remember 2020 as a difficult year for all of us. Many have lost their jobs due to the economic decline caused by COVID-19, the effects of which still continue this 2021. It’s hurting businesses, even after a year of lockdown. Thus, the goal for most of us is to land a job during pandemic. It’s needed to bounce back in making both ends meet in this time of crisis.

It’s no secret that the workforce sector is highly affected. The rate of job loss increases as the number of people affected by COVID-19 climbs up. However, now that there are plans to combat this crisis, companies have begun to get back to business. As a result, the unemployment rate has decreased since January. Thus, landing a job during pandemic is now possible.

Practical Tips to Help You Land a Job During Pandemic

Here’s a rundown of tips that could boost your chance.

1. Revamp your resume.

When you apply for a job, you will certainly need a well-written resume. This means a total overhaul of your application piece. The so-called art of resume writing has changed over time. Thus, you have to consider its aesthetics and content.

You have to lay out your resume that would entice a hiring manager to read further. Will your resume pass the 7-second test? It’s the average amount of time a hiring manager spends on every resume. With that, you need to present your copy beyond just the utterly simple, old school approach with a good balance of professional feel.

Equally important alongside your layout is your resume content. How organized are your details? You need to be consistent in terms of your keyword and descriptions. Highlight relevant info such as your qualifications and experience related to your target job. Make sure your application is error free. All these constitute a rich and substantial resume that will land you a job, especially during COVID-19 pandemic, when a large volume of applicants is expected.

2. Improve your skills and learn new ones.

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3 Tips on How to Easily Land a Job During Pandemic 1

Skills need constant cultivation so they can work best to our advantage. The new skills and learning you have acquired during the lockdown could give you the leverage, especially if they’re aligned with your target job. Don’t forget to list your skills and abilities in your resume. This helps recruiters know if you’re fit for the job.

Remember that this global pandemic has made job search more competitive, so make sure that your resume stands out by highlighting what you can do and why you’re capable of doing it. To do that, you have to identify your hard skills and soft skills needed for the job you’re eyeing.

While waiting for calls from your pending applications, use this time to equip yourself with different skills. You can attend online classes to better yourself. There are universities that offer free classes. This is a good opportunity to optimize your resume while making yourself productive.

3. Post your tool on job search engines.

COVID-19 forced most companies to adopt remote work. Thus, if you want to land a job during pandemic, you have to make sure to have an impressive profile online. If you willfully do the second tip, expanding your network in the digital space won’t be a problem.

Your online presence matters in your hiring chances. Hence, now is the best time to maintain an active status on your online profile. You need to use the best job sites to land a job since many vacancies shift toward remote work setup. Posting your tool on job sites like Linkedin or Monster is very much needed if you want recruiters to see your application. Not only that because of this, the hiring process became more accessible and easier, even in the midst of pandemic.

With the help of job search engines, you can land a job or find a new career. This is because hiring managers use these as sources to connect with job seekers. You have to make sure that your profile is exceptional so that you can have the upper hand in the job search game.

Secure a Job Faster

COVID-19 may not end soon just yet. Thus, we need to be ready with whatever changes the crisis might further have on our job market. It’s difficult to deal with, particularly if you belong to those who have lost their jobs. But don’t worry; landing a job during pandemic is possible. With job search engines available and free, you just need to make sure that you have a winning resume to lead you with your target job or new career.

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