8 Resume Writing Trends Every Applicant Should Know

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The job market is constantly changing and becoming more competitive each day. Whether you are applying for a job or changing careers for the first time, you need to stay abreast with the resume trends to outdo your rivals. If you would like to gain an edge over other job seekers today and in the next few years, write a resume that reflects the latest resume writing styles.

As usual, employers will seek candidates who they think can succeed in the firm. But since they are too busy to scan every document, recruiters and hiring managers will only pay attention to resumes that will attract them the most.

If you have your resume ready, update it frequently. Yet, if you are doing it for the first time, make sure you write the best application that no hiring manager can resist. Based on our research on the top resume writing trends, you should take note of the following factors when you need to get a job in 2019 and beyond.

Not-So-New Resume Trends

1. Include keywords.

With the advancement in technology and the rise of resume shortlisting robots, more and more firms are now using computer software to screen applications. Thus, make sure your piece is rich in industry-specific keywords so you can make the cut. You’ll see, these buzzwords will surely make a huge impact to your job search.

2. Tailor it.

Do not let those free online resume templates fool you. Generic resume patterns and formats may jeopardize your chances for the job. To create a huge impact on potential employers, you need to tailor your resume to your target job. Create a unique format and layout that complement your selling points and highlight the features of your application.

3. Make it scannable.

Long sentences no longer work well in resumes, especially if you are to list your skills and strengths. You may just enumerate them using bullet points. Further, allot a space before any section and make sure to have clearly marked header texts by making them bold and bigger than their content. These are the best ways to make your piece easy to read, leading the reader to the right section crucial in placing you to the post. Further, don’t forget to make your piece ATS friendly.

4. Have a clean layout.

One of the most overlooked yet important factor to consider when writing a resume is its layout. This is the first thing that the reader notices prior to scanning the entire document. Worse, it becomes the basis of hiring manager whether to read it further or not. Money.com tells that a clean layout remains the current trend. How to achieve it? Do not pack content in multi-lined paragraphs with little white space around each other. Hence, leave some white spaces in your resume to make the text visually pleasing and appealing to the readers’ eyes.

5. Use one font style.

Gone are the days when you could be creative with your resume (unless you intend to grab a job in the creative industry). Forget the colored texts as you can have colored background for each of the heading or section as mentioned above. The secret to having a visually attractive resume is using one typeface only. You may just use different sizes and typographical emphasis. To sum up, be professional and print your resume in clear, black text using one easy-to-read font style as these will help avoid incorrect reading and eyestrain.

Additional Writing Tips


Your resume speaks about you. Hence, when writing your profile summary, stress your most marketable features in a promising and appealing way. Use strong adjectives that truly describe you. This section will replace the objective statement since you have job experience. This will discuss the unique solutions you can offer to the company.


Employers are smart. They verify the information by checking your social media profiles online and/or contacting your past employers and colleagues. Be honest and do not overstate your worth.

The criteria for effective and modern resumes will evolve over time. Hence, the resume writing trends we had five years ago may no longer apply this year. Also, these changes result from the growing needs of the job industries and preferences of the hiring managers.

To promote yourself as an up-to-date, proactive, and modern candidate, improve, rewrite, and update your piece. Likewise, stay on top of the resume trends throughout your job-hunting process. You can check out our sample resumes to help you stay ahead of the game. Better yet, look for top resume writing services to help create your summary. We offer the best resume services that will surely get you to your dream career.

Sources: money.com | canva.com | cnbc.com
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