Federal Employment Application: Steps in Applying

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The US Government offers a wide range of jobs for experts in different fields. If you want to be in the public sector, you can also get a lot of benefits and bonuses. What’s more, you are sure to have a long-term job. With these facts, who will not be inspired to serve the nation? So how should you begin your federal employment application? Where and how to apply for such job?

Steps to Consider for a Federal Employment Application

1.Search for federal employment applications

Every Federal agency has a website that you can use to find federal jobs that suit you. If this is your first time to dive in the government, you should search for posts that are open for all US citizens.

2. Read what the job needs

Read and follow what the job post requires. Make sure you understand them and comply with what the employer needs. If you are not sure about a certain requirement, you may contact the agency and clarify it.

3. Fill up the forms

Before you can apply for a federal post, you need to submit OF-612, Optional Application for Federal Employment or the SF-171 (no longer available but still accepted), or Application for Federal Employment. You may also need a resume. But in doing this, you have to follow the federal employment application outline of the Office of Personnel Management’s OF-510.

4. Write your resume

Remember that federal resumes differ from the common ones. So your copy should have the following:

  • Full name, mailing address with zip code and phone numbers with area codes
  • Social Security Number (SSS)
  • Citizenship
  • Name, city and state of high school and date of diploma or GED
  • Name, city and state of colleges, degrees received and dates of accomplishments

If required in your federal employment application, you must also complete and send these documents:

  • Veteran’s preference and supporting documentation
  • Reinstatement eligibility documentation
  • Highest Federal civilian grade held

In writing your resume, make sure to highlight your qualities that match the federal employment application. Also, you have to keep your copy clean and succinct. Use bullet points to stress out your strengths. Review your content to check grammars and spellings. If you do this, you avoid flaws that run down your resume’s credibility and deplete your hiring chances.

If you are not sure how to create the best resume for federal employment application, you can hire expert resume writers. They offer great help and can even do the writing for you.

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