6 Solid Proofs Paper Resume Isn’t Dead

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Don’t believe the hype! Paper resume isn’t dead.

Yes, social media and LinkedIn are great for building your professional networks and letting others find you and verify who you’re claiming yourself to be. Likewise, they give you access to potential recruiters, too, along with clients, business partners, and strategic allies.

Yet the paper resume is still a crucial part of the hiring procedure, whether you find opportunities on your own or they find you. Check out our six solid proofs.

1. Filtering software work on paper resumes only.
Oops: Paper Resume
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Most companies today analyze a candidate’s application by searching for keywords using a resume filtering software. Such software doesn’t work online. What they need is a traditional resume to function.

2. Paper resumes are easier to “manipulate” than online profiles.
I Control You: Paper Resume
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Unlike what others claim, your online profile can make you a “vulnerable” candidate. It lets hiring managers criticize the way you look. In addition, you risk turning off potential bosses if they consider you too old, too young, or too fat. In paper resumes, though, you can “hide” irrelevant details in your job application.

3. A paper resume clarifies things.
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Besides freeing you from the limits of an 8.5 x 11 sheet, the Internet lets you go into details, too. Rather, for new ones in the job market, nothing forces you to clarify, shape, and clean up your resume as paper. Thus, you’ll have less detail and room for padding or puffery. Being free to write a long one, though, doesn’t mean managers will spend more time reading it than a paper resume.

4. Hiring managers find it useful.
Thank You So Much: Paper Resume
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Although recruiters search the web for details on potential hires and review their LinkedIn profiles, they prefer writing notes on paper resumes during interviews. Likewise, printed resumes help them see grammatical errors, which show the applicant isn’t detail-oriented. 

5. A paper resume suggests good manners.
Shouting Lady: Paper Resume
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The paper resume shows a sense of etiquette. Likewise, it’s not dead for the same reason proper attire and handwritten “Thank-you” notes aren’t. 

6. Paper is the best backup.
I Need A Backup: Paper Resume
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What if you’re up for an interview and the hiring manager can’t access your resume? Things like this happen. More so, we’re living in a world where a storm in one state can hit servers in another.

However you find paper resumes, learn the paybacks of mixing the conventional with the modern online profile. Stop thinking you must choose between the two. Instead, use them both to your advantage. Your paper resume can improve your online presence if you’ll upload it to your personal website. Today, one in twenty resumes include links to a social media site such as LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook, and this number goes up every month.

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