Career Growth 101: 11 Simple Ways to Get a Job Promotion

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Are you still waiting for that big career break after working hard for years? Perhaps you’ve not given enough to convince your boss that you can take on bigger roles and survive greater challenges. Review your performance to assess your skills. If you are not that confident, you can review this checklist and follow these simple ways to get a job promotion.

Job Promotion Checklist

1. Give your best.

Your daily performance influences your boss’ judgment and decision. Yes, you need to be consistent at doing your best shot each working day. Do great things—fulfill all your tasks satisfactorily and promptly—and your manager might consider you for a promotion. Maintain excellent performance or at least put your best foot forward while on your workstation.

2. Display good attitude and outlook towards job promotion.

Work ethic reflects your passion and zeal for work. Hence, you should stay positive when faced with difficult tasks. Show that you accept them wholeheartedly and you’re firm to fulfill them accordingly.

3. Do more than what your job description says.

More than a sacrifice, your willingness to go the extra mile could convey how true you are to your commitment. This isn’t heroism either but a way to lessen or ease some other tasks. Remember that doing things different from your usual roles doesn’t equate to getting underpaid but exploring something to further your skills.

4. Lend a helping hand.

You don’t just create a friendly atmosphere by assisting your colleagues but also keep a healthy competition in the group. Yes, job promotion also involves sustaining a good relationship with people even with your possible rivals for the post. If you’ve already succeeded, help others to succeed, too. Ask them how you can assist them. Part of the promotion process is the peer evaluation results, which reflect how you treat other workers.

5. Create impact beyond the job promotion.

Let your bosses feel your presence—not only your absence. Express your thoughts on matters that concern you or the company. Your ideas will make a big part of a collective action that will soon create an impact and influence.

6. Show you’re a team player.

Everyone wants to work with someone who can offer his time and effort to fulfill the group’s common goals. The most effective technique to train yourself for a bigger role is to possess teamwork skills that bosses seek.

7. Leave job promotion politics aside.

Involving yourself in corporate politics won’t give your career a boost. In fact, it will hamper your growth. While there’s nothing wrong in expressing your opinions and criticizing the management on certain issues, you’d better do it in a nice way. Don’t get caught up in the dirty politics of business or you’ll reap trouble.

8. Keep harmonious relationships with office mates.

The way you behave and socialize in the workplace determine how you build relationship and maintain them. Business owners want to keep employees that are pleasant to work with.

9. Be a good follower.

It may sound cliché but “a good follower makes a good leader.” Besides acquiring vital leadership traits, you need to understand as well how followers think, feel, and behave. Develop the qualities of an obedient follower and learn to follow rules and instructions.

10. Take notes.

Don’t want to forget rules, guidelines, and protocols? Then jot down important information. This will not just save you from committing violations but will earn you a reputation as an attentive listener and “multi-tasker.”

11. Come to work regularly.

An impressive attendance record or minimal absences will surely compel managers to let you stay in the company.

These things aren’t enough to obtain a job promotion. In some cases, you need to submit, too, a couple of application documents, including an updated resume.

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