How to Impress Hiring Managers with These CV Writing Tips

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An applicant should seek curriculum vitae writing tips to create the best CV.
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With today’s struggle for employment, your curriculum vitae  or CV have just one chance to make a great impression. For hiring managers to consider you for an interview, your CV must have that special impact that grabs their attention and motivates them to call you.

Curriculum Vitae Writing Tips

So how do you impress them through your application tool? Here are five curriculum vitae writing tips that work:

1. Create an engaging summary.

Your career profile or summary is the most important part of your CV. Employers will read the first part of your content, so make it appealing, concise, and direct to the point. An ideal profile sums up your accomplishments, credentials, and skills without using killer buzzwords and clichés.

2. Choose the right font style and size.

Too large texts on your CV show you have little to say as regards yourself while so small fonts will make it crowded and difficult to read. Resume writing expert Mildred Talabi said that the perfect font size for the body text is 10 or 11 and 14 for sub-headings. For the main page header, she advised 22 to make an “impact” and grab the hiring manager’s attention. For font style, avoid outdated serif fonts such as Garamond and Times New Roman. Instead, go for sans serif fonts that include Verdana or Tahoma to make it look modern and fresh.

3. Use visual aids.

Use bullet points, bold formatting, line breaks, and columns on your CV to add more impact on how it looks.

4. Be consistent with your font and style settings.

Whatever style and font you use, be sure to keep them the same throughout your CV. You don’t want your CV to appear chaotic because of different fonts and indentations.

5. Mind the length of your CV.

Your CV serves as a selling tool, not a biography. Try to keep it focused on your key selling points. Use a one-page CV if your experience is less than 10 years or 2 pages if you own over 10 years of experience. Consider a three-page CV if you’re a senior-level executive with a long record of accomplishments.

Why wait? Follow these tips and change your CV now!

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Image by Tobias Herrmann from Pixabay

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