What is Internship: Things to Know Before Starting Your Career Journey

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One of the main reasons we enter the university is to prepare ourselves for the real world. Apart from learning the basic theories, the institution also seeks to help each student explore the field of study through practical application. That’s why internship has been part of most courses.

But what is internship? Before you begin your first work journey, you must know its role in your career pathway, the perks you could get, and how to find the best intern post for you. Read on this blog to know more!

What is Internship?

An internship program is a short-term work experience for college students and people who seek professional experience in a new field of study. Companies offer this program with the goal to provide a practical application of school knowledge. Likewise, the projects that will be given to you within each program will help you improve your hard skills and soft skills. Usually, these programs entail 120 working hours, depending on the school requirement.

Aside from improving the technical skills, these programs can also open job opportunities. Several teams offer their interns a job upon graduation.

After reading on what is internship, are you ready to become one? No worries, our career experts are here to help you prepare for your internship programs!

Importance of Internships

As mentioned earlier, this program aims to give students, like you, a glimpse of real work setting. Interns could work with seasoned experts and meet with clients. It’s also the best way to learn the ins and outs of the industry. Usually, this is where you’ll get an idea of the roles and tasks you would want to pursue upon graduation. Some interns get paid or unpaid, depending on the contract.

But aside from the pay check, this period will give you enough idea about your future career paths and prepare you for your first entry-level job.

Summer Interns At Work

Perks of Internships

Still thinking twice about this program? Check out the listed perks to inspire you to become an intern!

1. Build networks.

Since you’ll be able to meet people in the field, take advantage of this time to present yourself and build networks. Always show passion and excellence in doing your tasks to provide a good and lasting impression. Also, it’s best to show them your adeptness in work which will lead you to the next item.

2. Improve skills.

Internship projects usually focus on the practical use of the knowledge you learned in school. Apart from working with your team, you might also join other branch projects, too. Moreover, there might be times where the boss will let you lead a task. So aside from technical skills, expect that you’ll also improve your other soft skills.

3. Gain real work experience.

Usually, hiring managers look for candidates with relevant work experience. There are ways to craft a resume with no work experience, but having one will boost your hiring chances. Add your internship credits in your resume! Hiring managers consider this program as a good start for fresh graduates looking for a job.

4. Prepare your career path.

After getting real work experience, you’ll recognize your strengths and areas to improve. Through this, you’ll have a better idea about the areas you’ll need to develop and the job roles you would want pursue. Hence, there will be lesser trial and error about your career choices.

Where Can I Find an Internship?

Looking for an intern post soon? We’ve got you covered! Check these tips to know where to find one:

School Partnerships

There are schools that partner with companies for internship. If this is the case, then you’ll only need to visit your school’s career center. But if you can’t go to your campus due to quarantine restrictions, you might want to message your college adviser or email your school admin for updated remote internship guidelines, upcoming career fairs, or ongoing recruitment. Take this chance to apply to the listed partners and start your internship journey right away.

Online Job Boards

Check online job postings to gain job prospects within a click. Try to look for job posting sites that feature jobs for interns. Use the website’s job filter to help you narrow down your choices. You can also check your dream firm’s social media page to see whether there are vacant intern posts.

What Is Internship Includes Virtual And Remote Internships

Tips for Getting an Internship

After learning the basics of this program and ways to find one, your next challenge is applying to your favored job post. Here are tips to help you start:

1. Search and inquire early.

Keep notified about your school’s career fairs. As most students today are attending school online, career fairs might probably held online too. Research about the firm you are eyeing even before the start of the semester. Know whether they are accepting interns and the application process that you need to comply. Bigger companies hold intern search early, so you better prepare your documents ahead.

2. Contact your networks.

To gain a better lead, you may ask tips from your seniors or adviser. Since they have experienced it or since they might know someone in the field, they might provide you with good company recommendations and other search hacks.

3. Ace your resume and cover letter.

Similar to real job search, interns are also required to submit their resume and cover letter. So, update your job search tools to help you have an easier internship searching time. Check out this resume guide for interns to give you an idea on how to start.

Snag Your Dream Internship with the Best Career Experts

Writing a resume and cover letter might be hard for students. Aside from knowing what is internship, you must also create a job search tool to secure your dream intern post. There are a bunch of online templates, but having an expert resume writer will surely make your first ever career journey easier.

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